Advantages and disadvantages of eating dates

Friends, today we have brought one more informative article Khajur Khane ke Fayde. Yes, what are the benefits of eating dates and what are their disadvantages, we will talk about all these in detail, as well as tell about the types of dates, benefits of eating dates in summer, the right way to eat dates on an empty stomach and much more. Lets start.

benefits of eating dates

Along with physical exercise, we are also advised to consume a variety of foods to keep ourselves healthy. In such a situation, dry fruits are also said to be very beneficial for our body, one of these dry fruits is dates which also works to reduce many types of health-related risks. If dates are consumed regularly, it can bring many great benefits to our health.

So let’s know about the best benefits of consuming dates, by consuming which you can avoid falling prey to deadly diseases and keep yourself healthy.

Eating dates lowers the risk of diabetes

The risk of diabetes increases with the increase in the amount of blood sugar level in the body. Dates are considered excellent for controlling blood sugar levels. So if you consume dates 2 to 3 times a week, it reduces the risk of diabetes.

Antioxidant elements are found in dates

Antioxidant action is that which mainly works to improve our skin. Apart from this, it also works to strengthen immunity. According to a research, dates have been shown to be rich in anti-oxidants, so dates are a good option as an antioxidant food source.

Dates are rich in fiber

Although dates are considered a good option for fiber-rich foods, but according to a research, a sufficient amount of fiber is also found in dates. Fiber mainly improves digestion and is considered excellent for reducing stomach related problems, so you can consume dates to fulfill the fiber in your body.

Lowers the risk of heart diseases

Every year lakhs of people in India lose their lives due to heart related diseases like cardiac arrest, heart attack etc. On the other hand, consuming dates reduces the risk of heart diseases. This is because the properties of carotenoids and phenolic acids are found in it, which reduce the risk of heart diseases and keep your heart away from the risk of any disease.

Dates sharpen the brain

There is also another important thing attached to Khajur Khane Ke Fayde and that is your mind. Yes, dates work to improve the functioning of the brain as well as maintain its activity. During a clinical trial, it has been found that consuming dates can reduce general inflammation in the brain.

Apart from this, dates are also considered good for boosting memory power along with making the nerves of the brain work optimally.

night blindness treatment

Eating dates daily is not only healthy for our body, but it is also effective in treating night blindness, an eye disease. To get rid of night blindness, make a paste of dates and apply it around the eyes. Night blindness is also beneficial by eating dates.

Benefits of dates in pregnancy

During pregnancy, we have to consume foods consciously. According to a research, consumption of dates during pregnancy is beneficial. During this, the woman gets very less labor pain by consuming dates. In a clinical trial, it has been found that women who consume dates have a feeling of more strength in pregnancy.

Khajur controls high blood pressure

Those who suffer from high blood pressure can also get the benefits of eating dates. Magnesium and potassium are found in dates, which are considered very beneficial to control the problem of high blood pressure.

Those who have the problem of high blood pressure, if they prepare a drink by mixing two dates in a glass of milk, then it helps in controlling blood pressure. At the same time, the risk of high blood pressure is reduced for those who regularly consume dates.

Dates increase sex power

Some research has found that dates also increase sex power. Estradiol and Flavonoids are found in dates which are helpful in increasing sperm count.

Benefits of bones by eating dates

Dates are also very beneficial for making our bones strong. Dates contain phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are beneficial for excellent bone health.

Dates will not put insects in the teeth

Fluorine is found in dates. This is a chemical that removes plaque from the teeth and does not allow cavity in the teeth. Apart from this, it also strengthens the tooth enamel.

Khajoor benefits for skin and hair

Dates are rich in Vitamin C which maintains the elasticity of the skin and makes it supple. Apart from this, vitamin B-5 present in dates is also effective in removing stretch marks. Not only this, vitamin B-5 present in it also prevents hair fall and split ends.

Disadvantages of Eating Dates

Above we have told you Khajur Khane Ke Fayde, now we are going to tell you Khajur Khane Ke Nuksan so that you will know that the right way to eat dates which will save you from harm.

May increase pain in muscles

Consuming excessive amount of anything is harmful for our body, in this case, consuming too much of dates can cause pain in your muscles. Dates are high in potassium and excessive consumption can increase the level of potassium in the body, due to which problems like weakness and tingling in your muscles can arise.

Khajur can increase obesity

The benefits of eating dates in summer are few and the disadvantages are more. Dates should not be consumed excessively in summer because the amount of calories is found in dates, due to which consuming too much of it can increase your weight.

Dates can cause allergy

Consuming more dates can lead to problems like allergies, stomach ache, gas and diarrhea. The reason for this is the sulfite used as a preservative in dates, which can cause all these problems.

Asthma can trigger

Do not buy dates from a street vendor as they are more harmful which can cause allergies and allergy can trigger asthma. Therefore, asthma patients should take special precautions while consuming dates.

Excessive consumption can increase blood sugar

Contrary to the benefits of dates, there can be disadvantages of eating dates if not taken in the right quantity. Patients with blood sugar should consume dates in limited quantity as dates are glycemic food which can increase blood sugar levels.

Dates can cause skin rash

Excessive consumption of dates can prove to be harmful for your skin. Excessive consumption of sulfites present in dates can cause itching and rashes in your skin.

can be harmful for children

Date is a thick dry fruit, it is necessary to chew it properly for digestion. While the intestines of babies are in the developing stage, dates are difficult to digest and this can lead to stomach related problems.

Types of Dates

In our article Khajur Khane ke Fayde, now let’s talk about the types of dates. Dates are considered to be one of the oldest fruits, which have been a source of nutrition since ancient times, and even today, dates are considered extremely beneficial, while for some Arab countries, dates are considered the “Tree of Life”. ) is also called. So let’s know how many types of dates are there:

ajwa dates

Ajwa dates are very sweet and very smooth to eat. These are dry but soft and it is believed that eating seven carom seeds every morning can save a person from poisoning. They are known as a superfood and they are expensive but they are well worth the price.

ambra dates

Ambra dates are of very high quality and are known for their large size as well as their healing powers. They originate from the Medina region of Saudi Arabia.

Barhi Dates

Barhi dates are very rich and taste similar to caramel, brown sugar, butterscotch or syrup. They are very delicate, late ripening and also the smallest of all dates. The interior of these dates is creamy and smooth.

Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet noor dates are considered semi-dry dates and are very sweet in taste and medium to large in size. Deglet Noor Khajur is considered the “Queen of Khajur”. They taste like sweet honey and they are also very economical. They can be used in many different dishes. It is also easy to cut them into equal pieces to decorate the food.

dry dates

Dry dates ripen in the sun on the tree. These have a long shelf life of 12 months or more. They can also be frozen to maintain their delicious flavor for up to five years. Each date contains about 5 grams of fiber and about 3 grams of protein. Apart from this, they also contain vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium and vitamin B. These are a great source of energy.

Halvi Dates

Halvi dates are soft dates that taste like honey and caramel. The meaning of name “Halavi” is “sweet”. They are small to medium in size. They are more wrinkled than other dates which will melt in your mouth as soon as you go and are perfect for a caramel fan. They are used in many cuisines.

item date

These dates are from Algeria and are very sweet. They are rectangular in shape and also quite large.

Kalmi Dates

Kalmi dates are rich yet dry and are originally from Oman. They are very popular during the festivals of Ramadan. They are black in color and are usually cylindrical. It is also very small in size. They are high in potassium and minerals and can also be used to help prevent a number of ailments such as diarrhea.

Khadravi Dates

These dates are soft and sweet. Initially, they are orange in color and then turn light-brown on ripening. They are large and oblong in shape.

opened dates

The taste of opened dates is very sweet. These originally occur in the Al Kharj and Al Qasim regions of Saudi Arabia. They are high in antioxidants, minerals and fiber. These dates are also fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free.

retail dates

Khatri dates are dark brown in color and are wrinkled. They are sweet and vary in size from small to large. Retail dates contain calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, folic acid and vitamins.

They also contain fiber and many studies have proved that they are an effective way to keep the body free from cancer. They are also believed to be effective in strengthening the weak heart.

Mabroom Dates

These types of dates are considered to be of premium quality and are naturally rich in minerals as well as antioxidants. They are spicy and very sweet. They are harvested during the months of July and August.

Maktoum Dates

These dates are very large in size and are thick. They are reddish-brown in color and are slightly sweet. These dates are a good choice for those who like dates but do not like to eat too sweet.

medjool date

Medjool dates are very sweet and delicious. They are soft and fibrous. They are about three inches long and sometimes much larger in size and turn reddish-brown when ripe. These are used in recipes like shakes, stuffing recipes or energy bars.

Migraf Dates

These dates are also called mezruff dates and are very popular in southern Yemen due to their high quality. They are big in size. It is recommended to eat these dates daily to get the benefits and nutrients.

Safavi Dates

Among the Khali Pet Khajur Khane ke Fayde, Safavi dates are the best. They are of black colour. They are sweet and rich in vitamins. They are grown in Medina and are beneficial in many treatments. If you eat them on an empty stomach, they are capable of killing stomach worms. Minerals are also very high in them.

saghai dates

The Sagai date palm is grown in Riyadh. They are not soft but quite crunchy and have a brownish colour. They are yellow and wrinkled at the ends.

Sadie Dates

Sadie dates are very popular in Libya and they are very tasty and sweet. They are grown in very hot climates.

soft dates

Soft dates are harvested when they are raw and soft and Barhi dates are just one example of soft dates.

succulent dates

Sukkari dates are sweet and crunchy and are of high quality and nutritious. They can also prevent tooth decay. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing cholesterol. These occur in the Al Qasim region of Saudi Arabia. Sukkari means sweet which is actually dates. He is also known as the “King of Dates”.

split dates

Thuri dates are dry and sweet. These are also called bread dates because they are ideal for baking. They are medium to large and rectangular in size. Thuri date is considered a dry date. These are quite popular in Algeria. Thuri dates are best mixed with granola, trail mix or muesli.

warehouse dates

Warehouse dates are very popular and are very large in size. They contain a small seed and are one of the more expensive varieties of dates, although they are well worth the price and packed with protein.

jahidi dates

The taste of jahidi dates is sweet. They are semi-arid and medium in size. They are golden-yellow in colour. They are also a great snack.

Hope you like our article Khajur Khane ke Fayde. So now let’s talk about what is Pind Khajur Khane ke Fayde?

Benefits of eating Pind Khajur (Pind Khajur Khane Ke Fayde)

Let us now talk about the benefits of eating pind dates.

Pind dates provide instant energy to the body in cold. They not only give strength to the heart and brain, along with it also removes Pitta, Vata and Kapha. Carbohydrate, calcium, protein, phosphorus and potassium are found in abundance in it.
The problem of urination ends by eating pind dates. Eating 2 dates a day is beneficial in case of frequent urination. The children who urinate on the bed get benefit from feeding pind dates mixed with milk.
To increase appetite, take out the pulp of the date palm and cook it in milk, then cool it and grind it. It increases appetite and digests food.
People who are trying to gain weight should eat pinj dates with milk. It is effective in increasing weight.

Asthma patients should eat 2 dates in the morning and evening. It cures cold and cough.
Soaking dates at night and eating them with milk in the morning gives strength to the muscles and brain of the heart.

right way to eat dates

Although you can eat dates at any time, but eating dates in the morning is considered better. If your hemoglobin is low then eat dates after lunch. It is considered good to give dates to children between meals during the day. Apart from this, dates can also be eaten as a snack from 4 to 5 in the evening.

If you are a fitness freak and do exercise, then you can take dates with egg white as a pre and post exercise meal, this will give you both carbohydrates and proteins.

Dates can also be used in place of sugar as it is as sweet as sugar. It is also available online but you can also make it yourself at home, for this, you just dry the dates in the sun and grind them in a mixer. Just now your date sugar is ready.

which date should be eaten

By eating dates, the body gets instant energy. Consuming it every day gives many benefits to your body, but often people remain in confusion whether dry dates are more beneficial or wet dates, then we remove your confusion:

Dried dates in Khajur Khane Ke Fayde are more nutritious than wet dates but if you do not want to gain weight then eat wet dates as dry dates have more calories than wet dates. 282 calories are found in 14 wet dates while 277 calories are found in 4 dry dates.

How many dates should be eaten in 1 day

Any thing which is taken more than necessary causes harm, in such a situation, dates should also be eaten in a limit. You should not eat more than 3-4 dates in a day, by the way, by eating just 2 dates, your body gets nutrition.

What happens if you eat dates on an empty stomach in the morning

Although the benefits of eating dates are innumerable, but even if dates are eaten in the morning, then its effect remains more beneficial.

Let’s know Khali Pet Khajur Khane ke Fayde in the morning.

Eating dates on an empty stomach in the morning helps in eliminating intestinal worms. Apart from this, the heart becomes strong and the liver is cleaned.
Dates reduce cholesterol level and stress and also contain fiber and iron. So if you want to reduce your cholesterol level then eat 2 dates every morning.
There is a good amount of fiber in dates, so the problem of constipation is also removed by its consumption.
Anemia condition arises due to lack of iron in the body, since dates contain high amount of iron, so by consuming dates regularly, diseases like anemia can be avoided.
Dates contain essential amino acids and minerals along with several vitamins that help promote the health of brain cells. So by consuming dates daily, the efficiency of the brain increases.
According to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), every person needs at least 3.10 mg of potassium a day, since dates are rich in potassium, then consuming it daily can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack and heart related problems. And the risk of diseases is reduced.

Benefits of eating dates in summer (Garmi Mein Khajur Khane Ke Fayde)

Although eating dates in winter is more beneficial, but eating dates in summer is beneficial for the heart. The potassium present in dates keeps the heart healthy. Therefore, its regular consumption reduces the risk of diseases like heart attack and stroke.

The body gets energy from dates. There is often a lot of tiredness in the summer days, so regular consumption of dates cures this problem.

Consuming dates in summer is also beneficial for our digestive system. The fiber present in it strengthens the digestive system. Apart from this, the nutrients present in it also help in digesting food, which does not cause problems like indigestion, gas, constipation and stomach pain.

How to Identify Real Dates

It is very difficult to differentiate between real and fake dates. Fake dates are prepared by adding jaggery syrup to raw dates, so the difference between fake and real dates can be detected only by its taste. The sweetness of real dates is medium, whereas fake dates give a sweetness like sugar.


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