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Parivartan G.P.S-II is a natural, Ayurvedic formulation that combines the healing properties of 21 herbs including Shuddha Shilajit, Sweat Musli, Ashwagandha and Gokhru that are known to improve energy, overall health and stamina in men. This product needs to be taken on a daily basis (for a minimum of 1 month) and not on the basis of symptoms, for best results.

With time and age, men may face issues in their health, energy levels. Doctor. Vaidya’s Honeymoon Pack combines two Ayurvedic products that can be useful to deal with this problem. This pack contains Parivartan G.P.S-II Capsules for Men.

Parivartan G.P.S-II is an Ayurvedic formulation, specially designed for men. With age, energy levels, stamina in men fluctuate. Parivartan G.P.S-II Capsule, Praval Pishti along with 17 herbs such as jaiphal, lavang, mace, camphor cake, may be useful in improving energy levels in men and improving their overall well-being. While chemical-based allopathic products are used for this, they can have side effects. Parivartan G.P.S-II, being a natural product is not known to cause unwanted effects as per the recommendations.

“Effects of Aging”–

There is a dislike for cohabitation in middle-aged men.
The mind is there, but the body does not support.
Sex system, organs and cells become loose and weak.
At the time of sex, the body starts getting tired quickly.
The amount of semen is greatly reduced.
Nature becomes irritated.
Due to not being able to fulfill the desire of work, they suffer from hallucinations, fear, depression etc.
Venus related problems start to suffer.
Semen becomes extremely thin.
There is a decline in strength, semen and intellect.

Parivartan G.P.S-II Capsule beneficial?

Parivartan G.P.S-II Capsule regenerates the lost energy and fills the body with energy.
Restores lost youth.
Purushartha helps in making the body healthy, strong and strong by removing the complex disorders related to it.
Strengthens the body by bringing back the power and excitement of the eroded youth.
Increases tremendously in force-semen.

Parivartan G.P.S-II Capsule is very beneficial Ayurvedic medicine for “Youths” and “Above forty age”. This is a completely harmless yoga. Many bodily defects are destroyed by consuming it for a very long time. It has no side effect.

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