Ayurvedic medicine for night fall and dhatu disease

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Men’s secret diseases like Nightfall and Dhatu Rog. Both these problems are related to the waste of semen. Semen gets ejaculated in sleep itself due to the excitement caused by obscene and erotic scenes in dreams or seeing oneself having sex with a woman, and in dhatu disease, semen starts dripping from the penis in the form of thin water without excitement and desire. . In both the cases the clothes become dirty and complaints of physical weakness, irritability, lethargy, pain in the head or body start.

What is the difference between metal diseases and dreams

Often many people have this problem that they are not able to differentiate between metal diseases and dream defects, so they are not able to get complete treatment of metal diseases nor do they get freedom from dream defects. Many people consider dreams and metal diseases to be the same problem, while both are different diseases.

metal disease

In dhatu disease, without desire, sexual activity and excitement, drops of semen start dripping or flowing from the penis in the form of liquid. In dhatu disease, semen comes out in sleep without dreaming or even during the day in the state of semen. Especially in men, semen starts flowing even when there is a slight pressure during urination or bowel movement.


In the problem of sleep deprivation, semen ejaculates in the cloth itself when arousal is felt in sleep. Nightmare is a problem in which semen comes out due to the desire and excitement of men, but due to some erotic or obscene dream seen in sleep. It doesn’t actually involve any sexual activity.

Signs of metal diseases and dreams

Talking about the symptoms of metal diseases and dream defects, then both the diseases are less, the symptoms are more, which are indicative of other sex diseases.

Symptoms of Metal Disease ::

  1. Complaint of pain in the lower part of the waist.
  2. Complaints of pain in the testicles or perineum.
  3. feel dizzy.
  4. Feeling weak
  5. Sweating around the testicles.
  6. Retaining heat and moisture in the skin.
  7. Feeling tired

Symptoms of Dream Interpretation::

  1. Lack of sleep (insomnia).
  2. Anxiety or anxiety.
  3. Difficulty in passing urine.
  4. Premature ejaculation disease
  5. The discharge of liquid from the penis during bowel movement.
  6. Laziness and weakness.
  7. Irritability in nature.
  8. Formation of dark circles under the eyes.

Why do dreams happen?

If we see the dream in a way, then it can also be called a mental disease, because the whole game in this is the brain. Therefore, if we talk about the reason for the dream, then the main reason for this is obscene and dirty thoughts, watching erotic movies or reading porn books, all the time imagining the sensitive parts of a beautiful woman. Thinking about sex all the time. Due to all these bad habits, all this fits in our brain like a computer, so even in our sleep, bad, erotic and obscene things fit in our brain start roaming in front of us in the form of pictures, due to which we get so excited. It is known that our semen gets ejaculated in sleep itself.

Apart from this, if we talk about physical reasons, then more heat in the stomach, eating more spicy food, habit of eating late at night, sleeping on stomach, habit of touching the penis again and again, more in contact with girls and women. Staying, being touched repeatedly by a woman also becomes a dream disorder.

What are the disadvantages of dreaming?

Let us tell you that dreaming is not a defect according to its name, but it is a normal sexual act, which sometimes happens in young men. But if there is frequent or more frequent dreaming, then it can be kept in the category of disease, whose treatment is necessary in time.

Otherwise, the result of the loss of dream can come in the form of sex problems, in which premature ejaculation and impotence are the main ones, which have a negative effect on married life. Apart from this, the patient’s memory becomes weak, eyesight becomes weak, due to excessive dreaming, there is loss of semen or Venus, due to which physical weakness starts, lack of tension in the penis, excessive sweating, Feeling burning in the feet or soles, complaints of constipation, some people also start complaining of baldness.
Talking about mental loss, inferiority complex takes place inside the person, he starts feeling ashamed of himself, feels like living a secluded life.

Long-term complaints of night fall and metal diseases also increase the chances of having problems of premature ejaculation in future. Therefore, it is necessary to treat night fall and metal diseases in time.

So let us tell you in this Hindi post about home remedies to eliminate night fall and metal disease from the root, as well as tell about a very beneficial and effective Ayurvedic medicine, which will give you complete relief from both these problems. Kind of rid .

Night fall i.e. home remedy for sleep disorders and metal diseases-

First of all, let’s talk about the remedies to remove night fall. Take 50 grams of fresh gooseberry and extract its juice. Take this juice with honey. You have to take this recipe empty stomach in the morning. Within a week your night fall problem will be over.

To get rid of metal disease, take one tablespoon of gooseberry juice and mix equal quantity of honey in it. Take it daily with 5 to 7 grams of sugar candy. Within 7 to 8 days, metal disease will be completely eradicated.

If the problem of premature ejaculation has happened, then do this remedy to remove it. Mix turmeric in amla powder and fry it well on low flame. After roasting, add the ground sugar candy to it. You have to take two spoons of this prepared medicine every morning on an empty stomach. Within just five days your problem of premature ejaculation will go away, the semen will be thick and healthy.

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