Benefits of Hastmaithun: What is masturbation is right or wrong

Dear Readers, Hastmaithun has been a topic since the very beginning, about which people shy away from discussing openly. Because it is seen and understood wrongly in the society especially in the Indian society.

Everyone has a different opinion about masturbation and according to their own opinion, many people justify masturbation, while some people talk about justifying masturbation.

Today we are going to discuss in this Hindi article whether masturbation is right or wrong? Or what are the benefits of masturbation (Hastmaithun Ke Labh)?

Masturbation right or wrong?

Every coin has two sides and the coin of life also has two sides, one is right and the other is bad.

Just like sadness and happiness, laughing and crying, there is wrong and right too.

Masturbation does not give any harm if done in a limited amount and in a limited amount, but masturbating in excess quantity or by harming the penis increases the chances of serious consequences in future.

Masturbation done once a week and two to three times in a month does not cause any harm.

Masturbating more than this destroys the treasure of semen, due to which the virility can be damaged.

Men can be a victim of serious sex problems like impotency and premature ejaculation, so masturbation does not harm in future, so it is good to get rid of masturbation.

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is a type of normal sex activity. The only difference is that the man does not need any female partner in this.

Yes, if we say that masturbation is such a simple facility, which we take advantage of only then.

When we do not have any means or facility (woman/girlfriend/wife) available to pacify our libido.

In such a situation, the man ejaculates the semen by touching, rubbing and rubbing his penis with the help of his hands.

This whole process is called masturbation. Masturbation is also addressed by names like fisting, masturbation.

Today’s youth is very excited about fisting, even if there is benefit or harm from fisting.

Why do you masturbate?

The way in which the modern lifestyle and the intoxication of the fashion age are rising in the youth today.
In such a situation, their lifestyle, food, friends and culture etc. have been affected so much.
His eagerness towards intercourse has increased so much that to calm his libido and excitement, he has started taking Masturbation Ki Help.

Benefits of Hastmaithun

(a.) People are very confused about the benefits of masturbation, because most people consider masturbation to be bad.

In fact, there are some crowds in the world, according to whose thinking masturbation makes the body weak, dark spots appear under the eyes and a person can also become blind.

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While this is not true at all.

There have been many researches on the reaction to masturbation, in which it has been proved that masturbation reduces your mental stress.

The hormone Dopamine, which brings relief, peace and happiness to the brain, is produced, which makes you feel very calm and light. One of the benefits of masturbation is that it keeps your private parts active.

(b.) Talking about the Advantages of Masturbation, after masturbating, sleep is very good. Whenever you have done ‘handkriya’, you must have also realized that you start falling asleep after that.

You may be surprised to hear that animals masturbate just like we humans do, including dogs, cats and monkeys.

(c.) If I call masturbation healthy masturbation, then you might find it strange. But this is true to a large extent. You must have also felt that the heartbeat increases during masturbation.

The circulation of blood in your body increases and the muscles get stretched. Due to all these reactions, you get relief from stress. This is a type of workout.

(d) Masturbation is completely safe

Masturbation is a very simple and safe way to get control over the bad thoughts arising in the mind, excessive sexuality.

(e) control over sex problem

Masturbation can help men to understand their Sex Kamjori or Sex Samasya.

For example, one of the benefits of masturbating is that if a man gets sighrapatan, then he can take fisting as a lesson.

And can understand what mistake he should not do during sex, due to which premature ejaculation occurs.

If you have any problem regarding sex then you can talk to sexologist doctor online for free.

(f.) By not masturbating in excess, those who masturbate only 1 to 2 times a week, then there are benefits of masterbation for them that their sex life is strong. Your concentration increases.

You must have also noticed that you do not feel any pain in the body at the time of fisting.


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