Benefits of Quitting Smoking Cigarette Bidi

Doctors say that one cigarette reduces a person’s life by 5 minutes. This is because more than 4000 chemicals are found in tobacco and all have a wrong effect in our body, out of which 60 chemicals cause cancer. Of these, nicotine, ammonia, benzene, and acetone are more dangerous.

Which substance is found in cigarette smoke, which gas is released in cigarette

1- Nicotine – Nicotine is an addictive chemical which is quite dangerous and shows rapid response. The bad habit and craving of cigarettes is caused by this chemical.

2- Benzene – Benzene contains flammable substances like coal and petroleum. It helps the cigarette to stay lit. This chemical can cause leukemia (blood cancer). It damages the cells of the body and can also cause many types of cancer.

3- Ammonia – Ammonia separates nicotine from tobacco and converts it into gas. Ammonia also used in toilet cleaners and drycleaning liquids

4- Acetone – By going into the lungs through acetone inhalation, it causes diseases like asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis. So get rid of this chemical today.

5- Tar – It accumulates on the hairs that prevent infection and bacteria present in the lungs. The chemicals present in it cause cancer.

6- Carbon monoxide – It reduces the oxygen present in the blood. This quickly leads to fatigue and weakness. Lung disease may occur.

7- Oxidant gases- These gases react with oxygen and make the blood thicker, this greatly increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

There is no doubt that your decision to quit cigarettes will prove beneficial for your health in the long run. Not only this, the risk of deadly diseases like cancer is also reduced. We all know that once you get addicted to cigarettes, then quitting is not easy. The intoxication of cigarette bidi completely controls the person and this is the reason that people who want to quit cigarettes have to face many problems.

But what happens when you actually give up the cigarette beedi? But while quitting cigarettes and getting rid of addiction, one has to deal with headache and nervousness. Not only this, there are mood swings and sometimes it even leads to depression. Here we are telling you how your body reacts after quitting smoking.

After 1 – 20 minutes, normal blood pressure – both blood pressure and heart rate increase due to nicotine while smoking a cigarette. After 20 minutes of smoking a cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse rate become normal. Your body temperature also starts becoming normal.

Within 2 – 8 hours, the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood of your body is reduced to half within half – eight hours and the oxygen level in the blood also starts becoming normal. This is the time when you have the urge to smoke a cigarette. As the amount of nicotine in your body decreases, you start yearning for it. In such a situation, either drink water or chew chewing gum to divert your attention from cigarettes.

After 3 – 12 hours, the correct level of oxygen – 12 hours after quitting the cigarette, the level of carbon monoxide in the body decreases and then oxygen returns to its correct level. The carbon monoxide present in your body becomes normal. Due to this the stress of your heart also starts reducing a lot. The reason for this is that, when carbon monoxide starts increasing in the blood, then the heart has to pump more blood to maintain the oxygen level of the body.

4 – 2 After two days the ability to taste and smell normal – After two days of quitting the cigarette, the ability to taste and smell slowly starts to normalize. Cigarette smoking affects the ability to taste and smell. The reason is that cigarettes damage the cells and nerves that are responsible for smelling and sensing the taste. After quitting the cigarette, these veins start becoming normal again in two days. Toxins ie toxic elements start coming out of your body and the phlegm present in your lungs also gets reduced. The elements of nicotine present in the body are also completely removed.

After 5 – 3 days – Three days after quitting the cigarette, your respiratory tract returns to normal and breathing becomes easier. Usually the body gets rid of nicotine on the third day after quitting the cigarette. In such a situation, there may be a feeling of irritability, headache, fatigue, weakness, annoyance and loneliness, but the risk of heart attack decreases. It becomes easier to walk and the reduced working capacity of the lungs increases by 30 percent. The oxygen absorption capacity of the lungs also increases by 30 percent. The fine bristles on the surface of the lungs that block foreign dust and other harmful particles begin to develop again.

6 – Two weeks – During this time your stamina starts increasing. In working out and running, your lungs start playing with you more. The blood flow in your body starts improving and the risk of heart attack also decreases. Your hard times have passed, but still sometimes you feel like smoking cigarettes. Sometimes, after quitting smoking, you start craving for food along with cigarettes.

7 – After 15 to 20 days – Quitting cigarettes gives a lot of energy to the body, this is because by quitting smoking, it becomes easier to breathe, due to which the body feels energized. Deadly substances have been removed from your body. So your body becomes calm and fit.

Exercise is easy after 8 – 15 to 30 days – your lung capacity improves a lot within a month after quitting smoking, you can include exercise in your routine, people who are not running due to respiratory problem If you are able to do it, those people will be able to run as soon as they leave the cigarette.

9 – After 20 to 30 days, the bad breath will reduce – Smoking has a bad effect on both the breath and the teeth. As soon as you quit smoking, it is difficult to get back the natural color of your teeth, but the bad breath will reduce.

Skin will glow after 10 – 30 days – By smoking, the glow or glow of the skin ends completely and you also look older than your age. After a month of quitting smoking, the skin starts glowing back.

Nails will not remain yellow after 11 – 30 days – Nails start turning yellow due to smoking. Because when you hold the cigarette with the finger, the nails start turning yellow. Therefore, after quitting smoking, the white color of the nails will also come back.

There will be improvement in the color of the lips after 12 – 30 days – The fumes from smoking cause the lips to darken. So if you want rosy-pink lips, then immediately say bye-bye to the cigarette.

In 13 – 9 months – by 9 months the body has recovered a lot, by now your lungs become healthy to a great extent and the risk of infection is also reduced.

14 – In a year – After one year of quitting cigarette, the risk of heart-related diseases is reduced to half.

After 15 – Five years – Five years after quitting the cigarette, the arteries recover and widen again and the possibility of blood coagulation is also reduced, which also reduces the risk of heart attack. This situation is likely to improve further in the coming ten years.

After 16 – 10 years – Lung cancer is fatal and smoking is a major factor, ten years after quitting cigarettes, the risk of lung cancer is halved compared to those who continue smoking. Along with this, the risk of mouth, throat and pancreatic cancer is also reduced.

After 17 – 15 years – by now you have become normal as are people who smoke, in 15 years the risk of heart diseases and pancreatic cancer remains the same as that of non-smokers. That is, the chances of these diseases are greatly reduced.

There is always some problem due to smoking and this problem keeps increasing day by day. When you remove this bad habit from your life, then all these problems will also disappear automatically. So get rid of this addiction today and move towards a healthy, happy life.

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