Best Ways Take Care Of Your Children Teeth(Full Details)

(How to take care of your kids teeth ), Teeth are also very important in increasing the beauty of the face. Children are often ignorant about the care of teeth. It is the duty of parents to cooperate in their care in childhood and train them together how they can keep their teeth safe. At an early age, there is a risk of tooth decay such as crookedness, infection in the teeth.

Due to crooked teeth, there are some such words of speech, which are uttered with the help of teeth, there is a blockage in it, as well as there is a problem in chewing food. Also, if food gets stuck in crooked teeth, many dental diseases can also occur. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of crooked teeth.

Come friends, through this article, know how to take care of the small teeth of children (Take Care Of Your Children Teeth)

Take Care Of Your Children Teeth

Prevention of crookedness in children’s teeth:-

Crooked teeth can be treated at any time. But the sooner it is treated, the better because at a young age when they become soft. Which gives quick and good results.

Why are the teeth of children crooked and precautions :-

1. Often some children have the habit of thumb sucking and biting their lips. Due to these habits, the teeth become crooked. Whenever the child puts the thumb in the mouth or the tongue in the teeth, notice this habit and get rid of these habits.

2. If the child breathes with his mouth open while sleeping, then because of this habit of his upper teeth, the upper teeth start coming out. Children should try to overcome this habit.

3. Some children get solid teeth before the milk teeth break. Due to which their teeth become crooked. In such a situation, take the children to the dentist and get their milk teeth removed.

4. Some people say that there is no use in going to a dentist and talking about crooked teeth until the milk teeth have completely fallen out. This is absolutely wrong, you regularly take the children to the dentist after every 6 months and keep getting their teeth checked.

NOTE:- If you have done the treatment of crooked teeth, then do not leave it like this, but even after the treatment is over, keep consulting the doctor for some time. Because even after the treatment, there is a possibility of teeth sliding and crooked Lives.

Why infection in children’s teeth:-

Children are more prone to tooth infection. The problem of tooth infection can occur not only in adults but also in young children. This infection may not appear in the same way as it is seen in adults, but pain in teeth, difficulty in drinking water, cavitation, tooth decay etc. is a form of tooth infection. Actually, children like to eat sweet food very much. Many of these things like – toffee, biscuits, chewing gum, etc., these things cause infection due to sticking in the teeth. Let us know the symptoms and treatment of children’s teeth infection.

Symptoms of tooth infection in children:-

  1. Toothache.
  2. Having pain in the teeth while eating or having trouble in drinking water and eating sweets.
  3. Bad breath from the mouth and tingling in the mouth.
  4. Brown or blackening of the teeth.
  5. Loss of appetite and rapid weight loss and fever.

NOTE:- On the basis of all these symptoms, you can identify the problem of tooth infection in children. In case of hybridization, show the children to a dentist early.

How to prevent infection in children’s teeth:-

  1. Make a habit of brushing children every morning and evening.
  2. Make a habit of rinsing children after eating anything.
  3. Prevent children from eating sweet things too much.
  4. Children have a habit of eating all the time, then get rid of it.

NOTE:- Many times, due to the worm in the milk teeth or weakening, there is a possibility of its infection reaching the permanent tooth growing under it. Therefore, if there is a problem of worm infestation, get the filling done after consulting a dentist.

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