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Collective disease or duodenum (IBS) is a disease of the stomach that afflicts a large section of the population. When a patient suffering from diarrheal disease eats hot cheese, then the patient becomes a victim of collects disease. In this disease the fire that digests the food becomes slow and the digestion process gets very bad. Due to poor digestion, the food eaten by the patient is not digested.

Collectible disease | Types of IBS

  1. Vaataj collection: The air (gas) of the person who consumes more of the cloudy things becomes irritable and spoils the digestion process.
  2. Accumulation of bile: The person who eats more chili-spicy food, consumes hot things, takes spicy and sour things, he has blue, yellow, thin, raw diarrhea.
  3. Accumulation of Kapha: Due to excessive consumption of smooth, fried, heavy and cold things and falling asleep immediately after taking the food, the food is not digested completely. In such a situation, the patient starts vomiting with diarrhoea. Apart from this, there is also another collectible which is called Sannipataka collectible. All three of the above characteristics are found in this collection.

Collectible disease | Due to IBS

When the patient suffering from diarrheal disease is not careful in eating and drinking, then the digestive system becomes poor by slowing down the gastritis, due to which the power of digesting fat ends.

In this way, when the food eaten is not digested properly, then storage disease arises.

Collectible disease | Symptoms of IBS

Food is not completely digested in Kapha collection.
Throat becomes dry, hunger and thirst are more.
There is pain in ear, rib, thigh, pelvis etc.
The taste in the mouth of the patient worsens, there is an increased desire to eat sweets and frequent diarrhea occurs.
In the collection of bile, blue, yellow and watery thin diarrhea comes, the patient gets sour belching, burning sensation in the chest and throat, does not feel like eating food and feels more thirsty.
The patient suffering from phlegm accumulation experiences vomiting, frequent nausea and coughing attacks.
All the symptoms are visible in Sannipataj collection. The stool becomes foamy and the body becomes weak.
The tongue, palate, lips and cheeks become red. In this disease, more stool comes in proportion to the diet.
Immediately after taking food there is severe diarrhea, there is loss of blood, there is rumbling in the stomach, there are ulcers in the mouth and back pain also occurs.

Collectible disease | what to eat with ibs

Water of tur, moong, and lentils.
Cow’s milk, butter, curd, ghee, lassi, goat’s milk, sesame oil,
Banana, water chestnut, pomegranate, honey, lassi are very beneficial for the patient.

Collectible disease | What to Avoid in IBS

Wheat, cowpea, urad, barley, peas, smoking, sweating, night awakening, labor, stopping the velocity of stool and urine, having more sexual intercourse etc.

Collectible disease | Home Remedies for IBS

Asafoetida, carom seeds and dry ginger: Grind equal quantity of asafoetida, carom seeds and dry ginger. Take one spoonful of this powder with hot water in the morning and evening after meals.

Buttermilk and Asafoetida: Mix a pinch of asafetida and cumin in buttermilk and consume it. There will be profit in the gas of the collectible.

Black pepper and black salt: Black pepper and black salt – take 3-3 grams both with whey.

Pippali, lemon and rock salt: Take 4 grams of pippali with lemon juice and rock salt. It is the best way to wake up hunger.

Harad and black salt: Dissolve the powder of myrobalan and a little black salt in water thoroughly. Then drink it in the morning and evening. This yoga provides benefit in constipation.

Moulsiri: Take 2 grams powder of Maulsiri leaves twice a day. It is beneficial in the collection of diarrhoea.

Ginger, Tulsi, Black Pepper and Clove: Drinking a decoction of ginger, basil, black pepper and clove provides relief in gastrointestinal disturbances like stomach gas, stress.

Dry ginger and sugar candy: Mix a little sugar candy in half teaspoon dry ginger powder and consume it. It works to awaken the appetite in the collection.

Belgiri, Rock Salt and Whey: Make a powder by mixing Belgiri and Rock Salt. Use this morning and evening with whey.

Cumin, Asafoetida and Ajwain: Taking the powder of cumin, asafetida and carom seeds mixed with vegetables provides relief in indigestion.

Dry ginger, gurcha, nagarmotha and attis: Take dry ginger, gurcha, nagarmotha and attis in equal quantity and grind them coarsely. Make a decoction of two spoons of this and take it for 15 days, it provides great relief to the patients of constipation.

Dry ginger, peepal, salt, parsley and sugarcane: 2 grams of refined sulfur, 10 grams of dry ginger, 5 grams of peepal, 5 grams of five salts and 5 grams of roasted parsley. Grind all these finely and fill them in a vial. Take two pinches of this medicine with water.

Harad, peepal, dry ginger, whey and black salt: Make a powder by grinding 10 grams each of myrobalan bark, peepal, dry ginger and black salt. Take half a teaspoon of this powder with whey. Taking the powder for 15 days starts getting benefits in the collection of vataja.

Pomegranate, dry ginger, black pepper and sugar candy: Make a powder by grinding 10 grams pomegranate, 2 grams dry ginger, 2 grams black pepper and 10 grams sugar candy.

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