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Friends, Piles has to suffer a lot in Piles. As much as it suffers, there is also a cure for it. So before telling home remedies, let me tell you what are the types of hemorrhoids, then first of all we know about the types of piles and the problems caused by it.

Types of hemorrhoids. Types of Piles

Friends, there are mainly two types of piles, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

  1. In internal hemorrhoids, you get wounds inside the anus and bleeding starts from the anus. It can happen once or twice or whenever you have to cook, then you can get bleeding.
  2. In external hemorrhoids, the space outside your anus becomes a few warts and these warts keep on growing and start giving pain. You start having trouble even in sitting up. In this, you do not get blood, but you start having trouble with the wart or itching etc.

Mainly, it is found in two types of piles. But sometimes different types of problems are seen in different people. Some people have a burning sensation in the anus, some people have itching throughout the day. Some people have difficulty in sitting, so in this way different types of problems are seen.

To cure piles, you will get to see many types of home remedies, in which you do not need to use any medicine etc. You can treat it with things at home.

But along with this you have to take care of some things viz.

Your diet should be perfect. There should be home food in which there is absolutely no red chili, stop red chili completely for one and a half months.

Stop drinking tea in the morning on an empty stomach.
Start drinking buttermilk or lassi in the afternoon.
Make sure to eat salad in your food and in salad every day.
Stop consuming pickles completely.
Use raw vegetables or fiber-rich food as much as possible in your food.
Make sure to consume curd in the morning meal.
If you want to drink tea, then drink tea once.
Drink more and more water.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids. Piles Treatment at Home

1.Lemon and Milk

This is the easiest way to cure piles. If you have just started hemorrhoids then you can treat it yourself. This is also told by Baba Ramdev. Take some milk in the morning and add a little ie half a teaspoon of lemon juice to it and drink it, you must do this for four-five days or a week. By doing this you will definitely get relief in piles.

Radish water

Drinking radish water is also considered most effective in Ayurveda. It keeps your stomach in shape. Eats and drinks. If your digestive system is not good, then radish has a very important role in fixing it.

So drink half a cup of radish water every day. Do this also for 10 to 15 days. You will get a lot of benefit.

How to prepare Radish water?

Take a fresh radish. Grate it with a peel. If you cannot grate, grind it in a mixer. The water that comes out after that. You drink it. Do this for 10 to 15 days. You will also get a lot of relief from this.

3.Coconut peel.

Coconut peel is the most commonly used remedy. You take the worshiped coconut, on which there is a husk containing husk.

Now heat this peel on the gas, that is, burn it. After burning it will turn into ashes. Now eat this ash mixed with curd in the morning and at night, do this for four-five days, it will also give you relief.

If you cannot eat it with curd, then you can also eat it with some honey.

Betel leaf

Betel leaf is very popular. You brought two or four betel leaves. And grind it at home.

After grinding, tie it with a cloth or with a nappy etc. in the wound of piles. Do this for three to four days. Doing this will also heal your wounds.


Bakayana is also called Mahanimb. It is a tree of the Neem family, on which small kernels are planted. It is good if you get Mahaneem tree, otherwise you will also get dried kernels of it.

You bring these dried kernels and grind them at home. Eat half a spoonful of buckwheat kernels powder with buttermilk in the morning, do this for 15 days. Doing this also gives great relief in piles.

So friends, these were some home remedies because they are used a lot in curing piles and many people get relief from it. If you also have a complaint of piles. Now in the first, then you can use any of these things. Can use any of these.

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