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The personality of any man is reflected in his broad chest. Everyone wants to widen their chest so that they look smart and shapely.

Even while doing gymming, it is very important to do chest-enhancing exercises, without this exercise gymming remains incomplete.

Nowadays, exercising has become a hobby as well as being fit in a life full of show and runaway. On one hand people do exercise to stay healthy and fit.

At the same time, there are some people who exercise just to look attractive. It is said that a wide chest adds to the personality of every man. That’s why today we are telling you some easy exercises to widen the chest.

Although there are many exercises to widen the chest, but there are some exercises which alone show the effect of many exercises. Here we are going to tell about the necessary exercises to get wide chest through All Ayurvedic. So let’s know about those exercises and about the diet plan.

Do these exercises to get wide chest

Push up: Push up is the only exercise to increase chest which can be done anywhere and anytime. It is very simple and easy, it does not require any kind of things. Push-ups work out the chest, shoulders, biceps, thighs and waist. To do this, lie down on the ground on the strength of the hands and feet, during which the weight of the body should be given more on the hands. The body should be straight and look towards the front. Now with the help of hands, while applying force on the chest, move the whole body up and then bring it down again. Do this every morning and set a limit on how many times to do it in a minute.

Incline Press: This is also a tremendous exercise to widen the chest. To do this, lie down on an oblique table and take the dumbbell rod in your hands and lower it on the strength of chest and biceps. By doing this the chest widens and the biceps emerge.

Peck Deck Chest Fly: To do this, sit on the Peck Deck machine and set the handle of the machine directly on the shoulders. After this, by pulling the handle of the machine with both hands, bring it close to the chest and then by pulling the handle back, bring it to the level of the shoulders.

Bench Press: The most traditional and popular chest exercise i.e. bench press is very helpful in strengthening the chest muscles. If you don’t mind exercising, then you can start working on it. For the bench press, lie on your back on the bench and hold the barbell with both hands. Raise and lower it 12 to 15 times. This will strengthen the chest muscles and widen the chest.

Forced Reps: Forced reps is a process that involves working out muscle groups. This allows full contraction of the muscle to the pastefeller. You may need a partner to help you reach your limits in this technique. After doing two sets in a row, you may have to work harder to improve the next set.

Super sets: Super sets are exercises for two or more body parts. It should be done first for one part and then for the other part. It is usually performed after the main set. In this, after exercising one part of the body, the other part is exercised in the same way. It helps in creating coordination between both the muscle groups.

Dumbbell Chest Press: If you do not want to use barbell, then you can also do chest exercise with the help of dumbbells. To do this, lie on your back on the bench and take dumbbells in both hands instead of the barbell. Take care not to bend the dumbbells too much for this.

In this way, this exercise mentioned by us is the best to widen the chest. So whenever you go to the gym, do these exercises.

Diet before going to gym to increase chest

It is not possible to build a body without a gym and if you want to have a wide chest or chest, then it is very important to take a regular diet, old people used to say that exercise should be done without eating anything. But the doctor believes that before going to the gym, neither take a heavy diet nor be hungry at all, so let us tell you through All Ayurvedic that the diet before going to the gym…

  1. By using oats with milk, energy remains in the body throughout the day, it is very beneficial for the body, you must eat it before going to the gym in the morning.
  2. Before going to the gym, you must eat at least 10-15 soaked almonds in the morning, it will help in building your muscles.
  3. You eat gram in the morning with jaggery, it contains a lot of protein and vitamins, which gives you many types of energy.
  4. If you want to drink milk, then you drink a glass of milk mixed with a spoonful of cinnamon, then you will get a lot of benefit from it, it is our promise.
  5. If you want to avoid heavy breakfast before going to the gym in the morning, then you should eat moong dal dosa, it will not allow your body to feel tired throughout the day.

Rules for doing gym to increase wide chest

Everyone is engaged in building a body, do you know that more exercise does not give a good body, to have a great body and wide chest, you need the right training and the right workout. So let’s talk about the rules of doing gym.

  1. Choosing the right time for training is just as important as training, say health experts; their training should not start early in the morning.
  2. While it is important to keep yourself hydrated during a workout, it is the best way to avoid cramps and fatigue. Drinking enough water during and after a workout also helps reduce recovery time.
  3. Warm up before exercise is very important, doing yoga before starting your workout reduces the stress on the muscles and also increases mobility. Always keep in mind that you eat plenty of protein and vitamin foods in your diet. Take it so that your body can be made quickly.
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Gym diet plan to increase chest

The trend of going to make a body is increasing very much nowadays, if the body wants good, then a diet rich in nutrients and protein should be taken regularly, eat such a diet, which will make your body also get energy and your immune system. It is necessary to consume these things to make the body strong.

  1. Oats are the right mix of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins, eat oats to increase the process of catabolism in the body. By eating it, the body does not accumulate fat and helps in increasing the muscles.
  2. Bananas are rich in vitamins A and B in the form of thiamine, niacin and folic acid. Bananas are considered a good source of energy, with water content of 64.3 percent, protein 1.3 percent, carbohydrate 24.7% and fat 8.3. percentage occurs.
  3. Broccoli contains iron protein calcium carbohydrate chromium, vitamin A and C, which is beneficial for the body, it contains vitamin C, which does not allow the cells in the body to deteriorate immediately.

Soyabean is very effective in making strong body and wide chest.

Despite what thin people do not do to build a body, there is no benefit for this, for this there is a solution that can prove to be right, because soybean is a great source of protein, apart from protein, it contains minerals, vitamin B complex and Nutrients like vitamin A are found in abundance, it also contains minerals like carbohydrate calcium iron, here we are telling you what are the benefits of soybean.

  1. Soyabean has the ability to reduce cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart diseases and keeps them healthy.
  2. Also, there is plenty of protein, calcium and iron in soybean, so it is necessary for body builders to consume it.
  3. Soybean is also rich in calcium and iron, which is very helpful in the development of the body, it is beneficial for the skin and hair.

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