Increase tremendous masculine strength and end impotence

If you want to get tremendous masculine strength, then include these things in your diet. All these things help in increasing the strength of men and in ending impotence –

  1. Chhaura means dried dates mixed with jaggery and fry in a little ghee. This, mixed with daily milk, increases the level of testes stone.
  2. Including green vegetables in food is also very beneficial in increasing the levels of testes stone. Eat more and more green vegetables. Do take salad once a day. In the salad, eat tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, onions etc.
  3. Consumption of onion also increases the testes stone. Onions contain sulfur-related elements, which is very beneficial in increasing the levels of testes stone.
  4. Carrot contains vitamin E which increases the erection power of semen.
  5. Cashew, almonds and walnuts are good sources of omega 3. Not only do they get a lot of acid, but the testo stone levels and sexual intercourse also increase.
  6. Spinach intake is also beneficial in increasing sexual intercourse. Folic acid is found in spinach. It increases the quality of semen. This also increases the level of testes stone.
  7. Along with this, milk, eggs, watermelon etc. are also good sources for raising testes stone.

Impotence and childlessness can be corrected by taking some of these Ayurvedic medicines –

Ashwagandha :- Consumption of ashwagandha powder with milk daily thickens the semen of men, thereby increasing the chances of offspring. This also increases intercourse time and strength.

Avokadho :- Consumption of avokadho is beneficial for both men and women. It increases the circulation of blood, which contains sufficient amount of vitamin A, vitamin ६ and potassium. Regular intake of this increases yon capacity. The quantity of semen also increases, which removes impotence and infertility.

Shilajit :- Shilajit is also very beneficial in increasing the sexual masculine power of men. Sexual consumption increases by taking it with regular milk. It is beneficial even if there is any problem related to virility.

White Musli :- Make a tablet by mixing Isabgol, Konch seeds and bunions in white musli and consume it regularly. This also increases capacity.

Garlic intake :- Peel and grind some garlic cloves and mix it in honey and keep it in a glass vial. Let him stay like this for some time. Now consume one spoon regularly. This can relieve premature ejaculation, which helps in having children.

Almond :-almonds are known to contain vitamin A and zinc. Zinc increases hormones and improves blood circulation. In addition, it increases fertility. Soak some almonds daily at night and consume it in the morning. This increases masculine strength and ends the possibilities of impotence.

Date :- Not eating dates increases strength. Consuming date palm followed by cardamom increases fertility and also helps in increasing vaginal capacity. The urine is also thick.

By trying all these home remedies, you can increase your strength like this. But the people who do not have the right information of the herbs, they do not get the benefit of this, so you can take medicines related to it. For this, you will get Parivartan Ayurveda Capsule ka suggestion. It has Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Gokharu, White Musli, Iron Bhasma, Satavari Aga along with other 6 herbal Buntia which removes impotence and also does not cause childlessness.

Being ayurvedic, you can relax and consume it.


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