Know the benefits, uses and properties of figs.

Know the advantages, uses and disadvantages of figs. Anjeer ke Fayde. Today we are going to tell you the benefits of eating figs (Anjeer ke Fayde) and the right way to consume figs is a type of fruit, figs are also used in home remedies for many diseases. Fig is a tasty and healthy fruit, its ripe fruits are eaten by people, they use fig fruit as a dried fruit in the sun and they also have figs in their favorite items found in the market. It contains vitamins minerals and antioxidants. That help people to stay away from diseases and get good health. How to eat fig fruit? If you have this question in your mind, the answer is, its fresh fruit is found, after drying it is also eaten and after drying it becomes good taste.

Benefits of eating figs – Anjeer ke Fayde

Figs can be consumed like dry figs at any time, it is believed that the use of figs in the morning is more beneficial. If you want to consume it for treatment, then the time and manner of eating it may be different. It contains high amount of fiber, digestive power is increased by its intake, which clears the stomach, you can eat figs directly or else soak it in a vessel at night and take the soaked figs the next morning.

Anjeer Fruit

Babasir or the patient of Piles also gets benefit from fig (anjeer ke fayde), constipation is a problem in the elderly and figs are very helpful in getting rid of constipation. Fig has benefits in removing physical weakness, it contains many essential nutrients that work to increase strength in the body, for this, eat dried fig with milk, it helps a lot in weight gain if fig Consume it with milk.

Benefits of figs-

Skin problem

Even in home remedies, fig (anjir) is very effective, due to its use, the skin is green, which removes the problem of stains. So it is also used to reduce high blood pressure, figs are also used for a sharp mind, it contains the amount of omega-3 that makes the brain sharp.

Bone growth

For the complete development of bones and to be strong strong, calcium is found most important in figs, fig (anjir) also helps in reducing the lack of blood in the body. Our body also has the ability to solve some small to big problems. Figs reduce obesity, throat pain and swelling are very much a problem, in such a way, medicines found in the market are also difficult to get out of the throat. If the throat is swollen, boil the figs and grind them finely and tie them on the swelling or lump of the throat. Give it quickly.

If asthma worsens more, it has to be suppressed throughout its life, in which case the beneficial effect of fig can reduce the effect of asthma.

Fig benefits for men

Couples also use figs to make sex life fun, there are many medicines in the market to increase virility and people resort to these medicines but with the help of figs, they can overcome physical weaknesses and treat it at home. You can find, to increase the capacity of birya, a man should drink hot milk with figs, within a few days you will feel the difference.

The properties of fig helps in removing free radicals from the body, the blood cells in the heart remain healthy, which also reduces the risk of heart disease to some extent, there are so many benefits of eating fig, you must include it in your diet. Do it

Disadvantages of FIG – Side Effects Of Anjir

Friends, these were the benefits of eating figs, methods of eating figs, how to eat figs, but there are also disadvantages of figs. If it is used excessively, it can cause side effects rather than benefits, it is hot.

Due to its excess temperature, the body heat starts increasing, there may also be a problem of blood, there is a lot of fiber in it, due to this, excessive intake can also cause the problem of loose motion. Eating too much of figs can also cause problems like intestinal pain and abdominal pain, especially diabetes patients should consult their doctor before consuming it.

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