Make a diabetic your physical activities, diet chart, and do this food!

The number of diabetes patients in India is increasing everyday. Almost 2 out of every 5 Indians have diabetes problems. If seen, diabetes itself is not a terrible disease, but after this, by slowly inviting various diseases, it damages different parts of the body. As we can easily see that the patient of sugar may have problems like eye and kidney disease, numbness.

Diet and diet are as important as the importance of medicine and exercise to control diabetes. It is believed that diabetes patients cannot live normal routine life, so they should take strict diet.

Sugar (Disease) Treatments

Let us tell you that the cause of diabetes is the secretion of hormone called insulin. Other causes of this include excessive stress, weight gain or aging, as well as genetic causes. This is such a disease in which maximum avoidance keeps you safe.
If you made a mistake in avoiding or did not follow the necessary routine, then you may have to face more trouble in the same proportion. In such a situation it becomes absolutely necessary for you to follow a certain diet chart.

Suger Treatment

डायबिटीज डाइट चार्ट – Sugar Patient Diet Chart

The disease of sugar is such that if it happens to you once, it remains with you throughout your life. You can control it by exercising maximum restraint. And to do this you will need to follow a certain routine and eat a nutritious diet. You have to suffer from diabetes due to increasing obesity, excess of stress, unsymmetrical eating and not exercising.

So if you want to deal with it, then you have to regularize it. Due to not being able to do this, the number of people affected by this disease is increasing rapidly. A balanced and regular diet is essential for those who have blood sugar. Apart from this, by following the favorable diet chart, you can control your diabetes and also reduce the dose of insulin.

If you are a victim of this, then you should be consuming 40 percent, 40 percent and 20 percent of the total calories taken in the daily diet from carbohydrate, fat and protein, respectively. But for those who are obese, 60 percent of the total calories should be taken from carbohydrates, 20 percent from fat and 20 percent from protein.

Let us know how should be the diabetes patient ideal diet chart, along with some special instructions to control diabetes on a particular condition.

At 6 in the morning – drink half a teaspoon of fenugreek powder in a glass of water.

At 7 in the morning – a cup of sugar free tea, along with 1-2 light sugar biscuits can be taken.

Breakfast / Breakfast – Half a bowl with sprouted grains and a glass of cream without milk.

After 10 in the morning – a small fruit or lemonade.

1 o’clock in the afternoon i.e. lunch – mix flour 2 rotis, a bowl of rice, a bowl of dal, a bowl of yogurt, half a bowl of soy or paneer, half a bowl of green vegetable and a plate salad.

4 pm – a cup of tea and sugarless biscuits with no sugar or sugar free

Or toast or 1 apple.

6 in the evening – drink a cup of soup

Dinner – two rotis, a bowl of rice (brown rice 2 times a week) and a bowl of lentils, half a bowl of green vegetable and a plate salad.

Drink a glass of milk without cream and sugar. By doing this, suddenly there is no danger of reducing sugar at night.

One particular instruction is that diabetes patients should avoid fasting. Apart from this, one should not make a long gap between meals and should eat light food during the dinner. Apart from this, regular use of yoga and exercise also keeps blood sugar under control.

Along with following this diet chart every day, use a few more things mentioned.
Taking one or half teaspoon of fenugreek methidana 15-20 minutes before eating, keeps the sugar under control and benefits many other organs.
Bring the bread flour to use without removing the bran, if you want, add soybean to it to increase its quality.

Use ghee and oil sparingly throughout the day.

Cook all the vegetables in nonstick cookware using minimum oil. Eat green leafy vegetables as much as possible.

The sugar patient should walk on a good speed about 1 hour before eating and also do exercise and yoga. Take insulin and medicines at the right time. Get your doctor checked regularly.

With this, the patient should take good quantity and high quality protein. For this, milk, curd, cheese, poultry, fish, soybeans, etc. should be consumed more. Diabetic person taking insulin and diabetic person taking pills should take food at the right time. Failure to do so may result in hypoglycemia. Due to this, weakness, excessive hunger, sweating, blurred or double vision, rapid heart rate, tremors and going into a coma in case of serious condition can also be faced.

This is how diabetics make their diet chart, do this food and physical activities!

For diabetic patients, staying physically more active and making changes to your diet can be a bit difficult in the beginning, but after a while you can stay healthy by adding these changes to your lifestyle.

What should a sugar patient eat and not (Diet Chart for Diabetes Patient)

Around 5 crore people worldwide suffer from diabetes. According to experts, some of the main reasons for the rapid growth of this disease are bad eating habits, body and physical activity.

If you want to control the level of sugar in your body, then your diet has special importance in it. As much as it is necessary for a sugar patient to get his disease treated, it is equally important that he take care of his diet as well.

It is important that they notice that if they have trouble with sugar, then what manure should they eat and what should they avoid. Because what we eat has a direct effect on our blood sugar level.

The problem of diabetes or sugar is not immediate, it happens slowly and it is not known quickly. Let us know that if you are a patient of sugar, then which fertilizer should you include in your diet.

Diet should not include: (Foods to be Avoided by Sugar Patients):

Avoid Eating Too Much of Potatoes: Diabetes patients may suffer a lot of damage if they continue to consume potatoes regularly. Starts found in potatoes can increase the amount of sugar in the blood rapidly. That is why do not eat more potatoes, sometimes a small amount of potato can be consumed.

If you are suffering from diabetes, then avoid Drinking Fruit Juices, there is a very high amount of sugar in the juice, which increases the blood sugar level completely by drinking.

Sugar patients should avoid eating sugary at all (Avoid Sugar & Sweets) In some people it happens that they do not like sweet food at all, yet they get sugar. Eating sweet is not a major reason for diabetes, but even if you have diabetes, avoid eating sugary altogether.

In this disease, do not take as much salt as you can (Sugar Patients should avoid Eating Salt) Salt intake can be very harmful in diabetes. Include at least salt in your diet.

Diabetes Treatment

Do not use dairy products with high fat (Avoid Fat & Dairy products).

Avoid eating fried food at the market (Diabetics Should Not Eat Oily Foods) Do not eat junk food, this increases the risk of diabetes. It also includes pastries cakes and ice cream.

Do not eat sugar patients should Eat Brown Rice not because it contains low quality cholesterol and fiber is also low in it. White rice does not digest quickly, due to which the blood glucose level increases immediately. Instead of white rice, you should consume brown rice.
As far as possible, you have been away from things made of Noida, especially noodles, naan, pizza, roti made of mandida etc.

If you are eating dry fruits then it is better that you soak them in water and then consume them, do not eat them dry only. You should eat dry fruits after soaking them in water)

Include less carbohydrate foods in your diet (Sugar Patients Should Eat Less Carbs) If you have more carbohydrates in your diet, it also increases the chances of increasing sugar.

Diabetes patients should stay away from drinks containing marmalade, alcohol, cold drinks, syrup and sugar. Diabetics should not drink alcohol and cold drinks.

If mangoes, bananas, sev, litchi and grapes are eaten at least, then do not eat them at all. As I said earlier, eat as much fruit as possible, avoid fruit juice. Eat whole fruit and avoid fruit juices if you have sugar.

Sugar patients should not eat oily pickles or fried papads, in addition to avoid eating salty big kachoris etc.

Milk, cream cheese, Mayuri, mouth, end, fried chicken and fish, such as compost should not be included in your diet at all.

It is especially important to remember that non-vegetarian food is very harmful for sugar patients. Consuming Non-veg foods can be risky for sugar patients.

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