Mulethi Ke Fayde: Benefits and side effects of eating Mulethi powder

Mulethi Ke Fayde | Benefits and side effects of eating liquorice powder-powder: Liquorice is a kind of plant. Its stem and bark have many medicinal properties (Mulethi Ke Fayde). It is used in many home remedies and medicines. It is very beneficial for the throat, gums and teeth. It is used in the manufacture of many types of toothpaste. Its taste is slightly sweet. It is also called Liquorice root in English.

Benefits and Ayurvedic properties of Mulethi (Mulethi Ke Fayde)

Along with having many ayurvedic properties in it, it is helpful in the treatment of fatty liver diseases. Apart from this, liquorice is full of antioxidant properties. It also reduces inflammation and infection in the liver caused by hepatitis. Licorice root tea is considered very good for health. Smelling a small amount of liquorice powder mixed with Kalihari powder and mustard oil provides relief in headache. Use of licorice is beneficial in burning eyes or any problem related to eyes.

Mulethi for Throat – Mulethi Ke Fayde

Helps to reduce cold-cough and sore throat and treat throat infections. It also helps in the release of mucus, which gives relief in cough. Drinking liquorice root tea for a few days provides relief in respiratory problems.

To reduce throat irritation, liquorice candies can also be sucked and eaten, this will also reduce sore throat. Grind ten grams cloves, five grams haritaki, ten grams black pepper and five grams sugar candy in ten grams liquorice. Taking this powder with a spoonful of honey in the morning provides benefits and also clears the voice of the throat.

Benefits of eating liquorice and honey

The use of liquorice is very beneficial for cough and throat. If liquorice is used with honey, then all the problems of the throat end. Mix 2-2 grams of liquorice powder and amla powder in equal quantity. Mixing this powder with honey and licking 2 spoons in the morning and evening provides relief from cough. For stomachache- Mix one spoon honey with liquorice powder and take it twice a day, it ends stomachache.

In those days of women, licking the powder of liquorice with honey in the morning and evening for about a month gets rid of this problem. 4 grams with honey in heart related diseases. Consuming liquorice powder is beneficial in heart diseases. Mixing 5 grams powder of liquorice with honey or water stops hiccups.

Benefits and uses of Mulethi Powder

You can use liquorice to make your skin fair and soft, Q’s liquorice is one such herb using which you can not only improve your skin but also stay away from skin related infections. If used as a regular liquorice powder face pack, the scars, wrinkles can be reduced. You can also use liquorice powder to get rid of old bruises or scars.

Benefits of Mulethi tea and how to make it (Mulethi khane ke interactions)

Liquorice is one such herb which has medicinal properties. Which save us in fighting many diseases. Consuming liquorice tea can prove to be beneficial for you in any liver related problem. By consuming it regularly, the liver becomes strong.

To make this, first heat the water and put a pinch of liquorice powder in boiling water, keep it boiling for 10 minutes and then filter it. You can also add ginger to it for taste. Drinking it hot is considered good for health.

Benefits of Mulethi Powder for Hair (Mulethi Churna Ke Faide)

Mulethi is beneficial for our health as much as it is beneficial for hair. If your hair is falling more than necessary, then grind the powder of liquorice well and apply it in the roots of your hair, it will not cause hair fall and will also make it strong. Liquorice oil prevents hair fall and also nourishes the hair. Not only this, if you have dandruff problem in your hair, then you can use liquorice powder mixed with coconut oil. Due to which the dandruff will go away and the hair will be long, thick and strong.

Benefits of liquorice in ulcer

Stomach ulcer is a serious problem which many people are suffering from this disease nowadays. You can get rid of it by using liquorice as a home remedy. According to a research, liquorice is very helpful in curing stomach ulcers due to ulcers.

The nutritive elements found in liquorice ask for benefits in gastric and ulcer. For this, take half a teaspoon of liquorice powder in 200 ml. Regular intake of cow’s milk with cow’s milk will benefit the patient.

For this, take one spoon of liquorice powder or liquorice powder with a cup of milk thrice a day. During this, do not consume chili, masala.

Properties of Mulethi

Liquorice can be used in malaria treatment.

Whether there is a problem of falling hair or the problem of dandruff, you can get rid of them by using liquorice.
Mulethi is an effective herb for sharpening the memory power.
Mulethi can be used in the treatment of diabetes.
Liquorice is beneficial in the treatment of asthma, jaundice, rheumatism and bronchitis.
Mulethi is very helpful in rejuvenating the skin.

Nutrients of Liquorice

Vitamin E and Vitamin B are present in good quantity in Mulethi. In addition, nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus and zinc are present in it. Despite this, it is necessary to consult a doctor before consuming liquorice.

The right way to eat Mulethi – Mulethi Uses

Consume liquorice tea in the treatment of cold and cough. Mulethi can be chewed to remove the odor of the mouth. If there is a blister or sore in the mouth, 250 ml. After heating the water, add 5 grams of liquorice powder and boil it well, after cooling, gargle with this water three to four times a day. This will cure my blisters, but keep in mind that during this time do not swallow the mixture. You can also use this remedy to remove the bad odor of the mouth.

Side Effects Of Mulethi

Proud women or small children should not consume it.
Excessive consumption of it can increase the risk of high blood pressure.
There is a large amount of glycyrrhizinic acid present in liquorice, its consumption can reduce the effect of other medicines or may also cause side effects on the body.
Consuming it in excess quantity for more than two weeks can cause damage.
If you are taking pressure for high BP, then it is better not to consume it.
If you are suffering from diabetes or kidney problem, then stay away from it.

Start consuming it only after consulting a doctor.

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