Symptoms of Breast Cancer – Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer symptoms: The month of October is the month of awareness related to breast cancer. Many organizations and NGOs try this month to raise awareness about this very dangerous disease.

Although awareness has increased among people, especially among women, about this disease, but many women still do not know much about this disease.

Breast cancer is very common in women. Due to the progress of this disease, medicines and methods have been found for its treatment, due to which this disease is detected at an early stage and it can be prevented from progressing.

In today’s time, the most common problem faced by women is breast cancer, which has rapidly affected the lives of women.

The biggest reason for this is that women ignore the early symptoms, breast cancer is such a problem (disease) that if recognized in time, it is not incurable in any way.

If there is a delay in recognizing this disease, then it becomes difficult to save the life of the woman.

The greater the awareness of this disease, the better will be for the patient’s health, because if symptoms become known, a doctor will be consulted immediately.

And the doctor will reach the fact through screening and test and if the test results are positive then its treatment can be started immediately and it can be controlled.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Nipple pain (symptoms of lump in breast)

A tilting or turning of the tip of the breast inward can be a sign of a cancerous lesion. Persistent and unusual pain in the breast or its end can also be a symptom of breast cancer.

Skin changes (symptoms of cancer in women)

Due to breast cancer, many changes occur in our skin and gradually the problem of shrinkage starts in the breast and many problems also have to be faced.

Change in size (breast cancer ke lakshan)

The size and shape of breasts changes due to the presence of cancerous cells, such as making one breast smaller or larger than the other.

Breast cancer symptoms

Due to breast cancer, you start seeing marks like scratches and bruises on your body, if this is happening to you then understand that you are likely to have breast cancer.

Swelling (breast cancer ke lakshan)

It is not necessary that if you feel any lump on the breasts, then you should think of going to the doctor. Swelling in the chest or armpits may also be the first signs of illness and require medical examination.

Basically, the size, texture of the breast or the indication that one breast looks different from the other also cannot be ignored.

Back pain (symptoms of breast cancer)

How breast cancer causes: We often complain of back pain as a result of such work which we often have to sit and do for hours.

But back pain (mostly pain in the upper back) can also be one of the symptoms of breast cancer.

A growing tumor in the chest puts pressure on the ribs and spinal cord, causing constant back pain. Despite the use of medicine, persistent back pain can also be a symptom of this disease.

release of other substances (breast cancer symptoms)

The release of any substance other than milk from the breasts while feeding the baby is a sign that cannot be ignored.

It is not necessarily a sign of cancer, but it is necessary to see a doctor nonetheless.

Always remember that whether someone in your family has had breast cancer or not, regular medical check-ups with your doctor after the age of 45 are very important for your health.

Breast Cancer Prevention ::

  1. Awareness is its first defense.
  2. Never put a cell phone in innerwear.
  3. Do not consume alcohol and smoking.
  4. Must walk for at least 20 minutes every day, for this, even if you have to choose the roof of your house.
  5. Control obesity, eat plenty of garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, papaya, beetroot, radish, orange, broccoli, yellow pulses, green leafy vegetables in food.

The problem of breast cancer is found more in those women whose menstruation starts before the age of 12, becomes a mother after the age of 30, consumes more birth control pills, at the age of 50, whose menstruation stops. Is.

Otherwise, reading more about cancer also creates confusion in the mind because while many researches consider the same thing to be responsible for cancer, some research considers the same thing to be the prevention of cancer disease.

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