Tips and Ayurvedic medicine to thicken semen

To make your semen healthy, medicines are not enough, some rules have to be followed.

  1. The most important thing to make semen healthy would be to stop masturbation completely.
  2. Exercise of pranayama every morning and half an hour should also be run.
  3. Surya Namaskar is the most important exercise especially in such problem.
  4. Keep your thoughts pure and pure, otherwise semen will be nightmarish. Read a good book at night and sleep.
  5. Ashwini mudra should be practiced daily for a while. You can do it sitting anywhere.
  6. Tea-Kofi – Cold drinks and alcohol should be stopped because these hot natural drinks make semen thin.
  7. One should not eat excessive spices.
  8. Fast food should not be eaten at all.
  9. Remove stress from your mind.
  10. One should sleep at night and wake up early in the morning.
  11. Now let’s talk about some very useful Ayurvedic remedies.
  12. Eat milk of native cow.
  13. Eating urad dal kheer in cow’s milk and eating it is a very effective remedy.
  14. Milk and rice pudding can also be eaten.
  15. Eat cow’s butter and ghee.
  1. Eat almonds and kisses soaked.
  2. Eat soaked whole grains every morning.
  3. Mix native milk in cow’s ghee and take it in food.
  4. Eat raw green vegetables.
  5. Eat plenty of sweet fruits. Banana is the best. Never eat banana empty stomach, it can be eaten after meals.
  6. Soaking a spoonful of basil seeds in water and consuming it with cow’s milk in the evening reinforces semen.
  7. Eat Amla, eat a mixture of Indian gooseberry and eat it.
  8. Milk sweets can also be consumed in small amounts.
  9. Eat multigrain bread.
  10. Ashwagandha and musli can be consumed by asking a specialist.
  11. In cold weather, take one spoon of Chavanprash in the morning and evening.
  12. Eat a small amount of saffron cardamom with milk.
  13. Drink a spoonful of honey mixed with an onion juice.
  14. Drinking one clove oil of clove mixed with one teaspoon of hot water increases the sperm count in semen.
  15. And there are many medicines which are useful in this problem, but it should not be consumed without the right information and consultation with a qualified doctor.

Therefore, if someone does the remedies that I have mentioned, then all the problems related to their semen will be solved.


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