WEIGHT LOSS vs FAT LOSS: Which is better?

WEIGHT LOSS vs FAT LOSS : क्‍या है बेहतर

WEIGHT LOSS vs FAT LOSS | What is better to stay fit or lose weight?

Awareness about health and looks is increasing day by day. In such a situation, it is normal to be worried about the problem of weight gain. Even due to weight, you do not want to miss your morning walk or gym class even for a day. But is losing weight alone enough for you?

Every person engaged in reducing the increasing weight must be thinking once every day that how to reduce the extra weight. You may have won this battle to lose weight by adopting various measures, but are you still fit?

Fitness is also important with weight loss

Do you know that along with weight loss, staying fit is also very important. Being slim doesn’t mean being fit. Fitness means overall good health and this can be achieved only through exercise as well as good diet.

Healthy lifestyle is essential for fitness

It is very important to know that fitness means weight loss, but weight loss alone does not mean getting fit. Now you can lose weight even in an unhealthy way. Good food, good rest, good exercise, all these things are very important for fitness.

keep digestive system healthy

Your digestive system often gets disturbed in the process of losing weight. Digestive system that has deteriorated due to changes in diet can be corrected through exercise. For this, the help of breathing properly, walking and other physical activities can also be taken.

eating a balanced diet

If you want to stay fit then it is very important to include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet chart. Fruits are rich in nutritious elements which are necessary for the body, eating colorful and green vegetables also increases the body’s immunity. It is very important to have a balance of food and drink. Balance does not mean that you eat more than two days a week and go on a diet for two days. Eating means not eating too much food in a fixed interval. Food should be taken at night 2 hours before sleeping, so that the food gets digested well. For complete digestion of food, it is necessary to consume salad.

Mental strength is also important

If you are feeling emotionally weak, then you cannot call yourself fit. Staying stress free is also very important for fitness. Physical fitness means not only the strength of the body but also the mental strength. All physical activities make you mentally strong as well. Quick weight loss can make you a victim of mental pressure. Exercising will improve your muscles and enhance your overall personality. Apart from this, workouts can be done in the gym to relieve stress. You can also take the help of yoga to reduce stress.

Just losing weight can affect your respiratory system, while fitness makes your skin healthy too. Along with this, smooth blood and oxygen circulation in your heart, healthy lungs, and cardiovascular system also improves. So don’t just lose weight but also pay full attention to your fitness.

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