What is a nightmare? what is the treatment | svapnadosh kya hai

Panacea medicine for nightmares: Dreaming while having sex with someone knowingly or unknowingly while sleeping but it ends with ejaculation of semen, this simple process is called wet dreams.

First of all, remember that dreaming is not a disease of any kind. This is a completely normal and simple thing. There is no need to worry about this at all.

It is true that the foolish Hakeem of India writes such long advertisements of dream dreams on the walls that the common man gets scared even though it is a simple physiological process.

Nowadays, the problem of dreaming has become common in many youths. Let us know what is the reason behind this and what can be the remedies?

There are also many Hakims or Babas who have even put up posters on walls, buses and trains to promote themselves, in which they claim to cure 100% in a few hours.

Not only this, they also have special days like Wednesday, Saturday or any other weekly day.

But let us tell you that you can avoid this problem by controlling the action of your mind and mind.

What is Nightfall – What is Nightfall (Sex Dreams)

About nightfall in hindi: When someone dreams of sex or sexual intercourse while sleeping at night or even during the day and the person gives up semen or semen while realizing the reality in this dream of sex, then this problem is called Swapan Dosha.

Some people get these dreams less but some have these dreams daily which is a serious matter.

It has also been seen in many people or they complain that they do not have dreams, yet semen is discarded, then we will tell you the reason for this also.

how often should dreams occur

At the same time, let us also tell you that semen is automatically discarded once or twice in a month or week, so there is nothing to worry about, it happens to almost everyone after an age.

But if you have semen discharge 3-4 days a week or daily, then it is not good then you should take measures to stop it.

Nightfall kyu hota hai

Now we will talk about the cause of self-blame. Almost everyone is familiar with the word youth, it means when a person’s power is high, this time is 18 -30 years.

During this, his sex power is also high or awakens, which some people have controlled and some people do wrong things due to which there is self-destruction like-

1- Reading pornographic stories or watching movies.

2- Always be immersed in the feeling of desire or thinking.

3- Excess masturbation.

4- To see the soft and naked parts of women.

5- The desire for or excessive love for a beautiful woman and girl. Think about that all day long.

Apart from all these reasons, there is also some other reason, due to which semen is found to be discarded while sleeping without seeing the dream like –

1- Increase in hormones of the victim or rapid change in hormones.

2- Excess formation of semen in the body.

3- In the days of youth, semen should be discarded from the body of a man because it is necessary for running a descendant. But when it is not relinquished, after one age, it automatically comes out once a month.

4- Excessive heat in the body or sleeping in a hot environment.

Nightfall Symptoms

During the mid-teens stage, semen formation and release may begin and may come out in the form of nocturnal emission or dream defect.
This shows that the juvenile has matured for reproduction.
This is a common phenomenon and does not require any treatment.
However many teenagers are stressed about it and go for treatment which can be very harmful to their health.
The patient starts feeling very weak in the dream defect that occurs after masturbation.
The patient’s stress increases.
Symptoms of nervousness, lack of concentration, lack of enthusiasm in any work, lethargy, nervous weakness, metallurgy, sudden darkening of eyes (weakness) etc. can be found in the patient.

Nightfall treatment

First of all, if you try to improve your routine and stop more spicy food and fast food, then it will be very good because by doing this many of your diseases will go away and will not come very near.

Fix bedtime and wake-up time and do not consume any stimulating substance (tamasic food) at night and also do not watch porn books and videos because in today’s time everyone has mobile and mobile is as good as it is bad .

After doing all these things, your dream problem will end and will give benefits in dream and will not happen in future.

But still, today I am going to tell you a surefire panacea recipe, which is a panacea for dreaming, which I read in my Uncle’s diary:-

Make a powder by grinding both dry amla and sugar candy separately and mix them together and fill it in a glass vial and take it 3 to 4 times a day with fresh water.

You will get relief from this problem only in 7 to 10 days, although this recipe starts showing difference from the second day itself, but sometimes it takes a week, so do not worry.

Remember to take sugar candy and not sugar because nowadays the big grains that are found in the market in the name of sugar candy are not sugar candy, so you have to take only thread sugar candy from the market which will have thread and take as much dry gooseberry. You have to take twice as much sugar candy.

This powder can be consumed by people of all ages, it will be like a powder which will taste sour and sweet when eaten, so if it becomes more then there is no need to panic.

You can take it even without the problem of dreaming and even after the problem of dreaming is cured because it is not an English medicine for dreaming which has any side effect. This will only do good for your body, nothing bad.

What should be eaten in dream (panacea medicine for nightmares)

  1. Grind 1-2 almond kernels, 3 grams giloy and a little butter in equal quantity. Add 7-8 grams of honey to it and mix it well. This mixture is a panacea for dreaming. After taking this mixture in the morning and evening for a week, dream defects are removed.
  2. Mix equal quantity of honey in 6 grams of Amla powder. Consume it once a day in the morning for 1 month.
  3. Grind half a gram of small cardamom powder, 3 grams of dry coriander powder and 2 grams of sugar candy and mix it together. Take it daily in the morning with water.
  4. Amla marmalade is even better than homeopathic medicine for nightmares. Eat amla murabba daily during summer.
  5. If the stomach is not getting cleaned properly, then take 1 spoon Triphala powder with honey.
  6. Add 3-4 drops of honey to ripe banana and eat it before sunrise in the morning.
  7. Cook 3 dates in half a kilo of cow’s milk and mix sugar candy according to taste. When half the milk is left, remove the seeds from the dates and chew them and eat them. Drink the remaining milk from above. It will work like a homeopathic medicine for sleep disorders.
  8. Soak half a loaf of acacia gum in water overnight. Filter it in the morning and drink some sugar candy.
  9. Chew 7-8 petals of fresh rose flower with 3 grams of sugar candy and drink 1 glass of milk over it.
  10. Make powder by grinding pomegranate peels. Taking 5-5 grams of churan with water in the morning will give benefit.

Easy Home Remedies to Avoid Nightfall (Stop Nightfall)

1- To stop dreaming, one should eat such things, which help in keeping the body cool.

2- Keep both mind and body clean to avoid dream defects. Don’t let constipation happen.

3- Do not let the hair around the genitals grow too much. When there is itching at night, the night fails.

4- Wash your feet with cold water till the knees before sleeping. Wear loose and light clothes while sleeping at night.

5- Sleep upright instead of sleeping on your stomach. Apart from this, get up early in the morning and do yoga, pranayama.

Make lifestyle changes::

  1. Before sleeping, wash your feet with cold water till the knee.
  2. Have dinner 2-3 hours before sleeping. Don’t make dinner too heavy.
  3. Always sleep on your back.
  4. Do regular morning exercise, yoga and pranayama.
  5. Don’t let constipation happen.
  6. Take a bath with cold water.

Side effects of nightfall

If you have been suffering from autophagy for a very long time, then there may be some side effects.

Dizziness and insomnia.
Weak memory power or weak eyes.
Knee pain.
Due to swapradosha, more sexual desire starts coming in men.
The problem of tension and worries starts increasing.
There is a lack of blood.
Lack of agility in the sex life of men.
Pain in the testicles due to autophagy.
hair fall.
Having trouble with constipation.
the person being weak.

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