What is Omicron?| Symptoms, Treatment, Precautions and Home Remedies

Omicron Kya Hai: Last year coronavirus made everyone’s life unusual and created an atmosphere of fear all around. But after slowly taking the vaccine, there was a new hope among the people that now the epidemic is over. But the fear of Omicron has been haunting for a few months now. Whatever people were afraid of, that happened.

Although many people do not know what is Omicron?, Is it more dangerous than coronavirus?, What is the treatment for it?, Will Omicron have an effect on people who get the vaccine? We are going to give you the answer of all the questions in this article, just read the article till the end.

What is Omicron?, Symptoms, Treatment, Precautions and Home Remedies | What is Omicron

What is Omicron?

Omicron is not a new virus but a new variant of the coronavirus itself.

The first news about this came from South Africa on 14 November 2021. For the first time, symptoms of Omicron appeared in a person from South Africa. Declaring it as a “Variant of Concern”, the World Health Organization described this variant as more dangerous than the coronavirus and issued instructions to take precautions against it.

This variant is coming out of South Africa and is now slowly making its impact in all the countries. Karnataka was the first to have cases of this variant infection in two people in India, out of which one person was 66 years old and the other person was said to be 46 years old.

How dangerous is Omicron?

According to experts, it is being told that there have been more than 50 mutations of Omicron. It is 5 times more powerful than the coronavirus and is spreading equally fast. However, it is not yet certain whether the vaccine made for the coronavirus will be able to affect Omicron.

So far it has been seen that all the people admitted to the hospital and all the people infected with Omicron did not take both the doses of the vaccine. In such a situation, it is also being said that the corona vaccine can also be effective on Omokron.

But according to some experts Omicron can be neutralized even on monoclonal antibody therapy. It may even dodge the vaccine. Experts also say that Omicron is neutral on the immune response caused by natural infections.

Although how dangerous Omicron is so far, that cannot be confirmed with certainty. Because right now the infection of Omicron is in the initial stage.

What is Omicron Symptom?

The cases of Omicron, the new variant of Corona, are gradually increasing. It is being told that Omicron is the most infectious of all the variants so far. But in the symptoms of corona, there were symptoms like high fever, difficulty in breathing, weakness, inability to smell, taste of food.

On the other hand, Omicron does not show symptoms like that at all. The symptoms of Omicron are said to be quite different than the symptoms of Corona.

It is being told that all the Omicron infected patients who have been detected so far have not found symptoms like Kovid-19. Even the problem of pneumonia is not seen in it like corona. Even according to the doctor who first came to know about this variant, the classic symptoms of Kovid-19 were not found in that patient.

In such a situation, everyone’s question is, what are the symptoms of Omicron? How to know if someone is infected with Omicron?

Experts found that the three main symptoms of Omicron include body ache, headache and extreme fatigue. Apart from this, symptoms of a lot of pain are seen in the muscles. Mild fever, sore throat are also felt.

According to some experts, it is also being told that in the patient infected with Omicron, problems like sore throat, peeling of throat, hoarseness are being mentioned first. Apart from this, the problem of nasal congestion, dry cough and lower back pain is also gradually coming in patients.

Will Amicron affect vaccinated people?

As soon as the new variant of coronavirus, Amicron spreads, the question is coming in the minds of people whether the people who have been vaccinated will also be affected by Omicron?

However, studies are still going on to understand the nature of Omicron. Yet many experts have told about the effect of Omicron on people who have taken the vaccine? Before knowing what the experts say, it is important to know how the vaccine works.

Most vaccine viruses target the spike protein area. Any virus enters the human cell only through the spike protein. The vaccine strengthens the immune system of the human body, so that whenever a virus tries to enter the body, it destroys it.

But more than 30 mutations have been found in the spike protein of Omicron. Nevertheless, according to experts, the vaccine that can destroy the spike protein of the corona will also be effective on Omicron.

Some experts also say that the vaccine will have an effect on the variant that our body already recognizes. Due to which Omicron is a new and more terrible virus than Corona. In such a situation, our body does not recognize the oomicron, due to which it can neutralize our cells and antibodies.

Some other experts also say that till now all the people who were hospitalized due to Omicron had not been vaccinated.

Some experts also say that the Omicron variant seems to be more contagious, but after taking the vaccine, its effect will definitely be less. Because till now the symptom of Omicron is being seen more in people not taking vaccine than in taking vaccine. Overall, according to experts, the effect of Omicron on vaccinated people is minimal.

What is Omicron treatment?

According to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, the treatment of Omicron will also be done like other variants of Corona. Blood test and X-ray will be done if the symptoms of this virus are detected.

They will be kept in isolation if the report comes positive. If the report comes negative, the patient will be discharged.

What are the precautions for Omicron?

When the coronavirus came, people showed a lot of carelessness, due to which many people were affected by the virus. But this time the new variant of coronavirus is Omicron, which is expected to spread faster than coronavirus.

In such a situation, there is still a need to be very careful. It is necessary to take both doses of the vaccine. Also, if any symptoms are seen, then immediately contact the doctor and get isolated.

If you go out, you must wear a mask and still follow social distancing. Care has to be taken in eating and drinking and for the time being, cancel the journey anywhere for some time.

Why not Omicron for respiratory problems?

Where people had trouble breathing at the time of corona virus infection. Because he used to affect the upper respiratory system of the infected and during the regime, reaching the lungs and causing damage to them, due to which there was difficulty in breathing.

At the same time, symptoms of respiratory problems are not being seen in the new variant of coronavirus, Omicron. However, after this the question of people is that Omicron is also a variant of Karona, then why does not the infected have respiratory problems due to this?

On this question, experts say that while the coronavirus used to increase its numbers in the lungs, Omicron starts this process in the throat itself. Some experts also say that this is not unusual because different variants of the same virus can cause different symptoms and it is the same with Omicron, which causes people infected with this virus to breathe. Not having trouble taking it.

Since it affects the throat more than the lungs, there is no difficulty in breathing. Although Omicron is being heard to see mild symptoms compared to Corona. Even less chances of problems like pneumonia are being expected in this.

How many countries has Omicron spread to?

The symptom of Omicron was first seen in the people of Africa. But by November 24, it spread to 2 countries. At the same time, more than 56 countries have been caught so far and it is spreading very fast day by day. So far, more than 7000 cases have been reported all over the world.

Talking about India, till now more than 25 cases have come in India and this case is increasing day by day. So far, people who have received positive reports of Omicron have seen some symptoms just like the coronavirus.

Especially in those who have not taken the vaccine, this effect can be seen more. That is why the government is advising everyone to take both doses of the vaccine as soon as possible and asking them to take precautions.

steps taken by the government

As soon as the case of Omicron was seen in India, the central government has become very cautious. In order to control Omicron even before it spreads in the country, the Union Health Minister has held a meeting with all health officials and directed to take precautions in various states and union territories.

Instructions have been given to make RT-PCR test of international passengers mandatory at all state and union territory airports. Also, until these reports come, passengers will have to wait at the airport itself.
Apart from this, instructions have also been given to conduct genome sequencing of people coming in positive reports. Along with this, all the people who came in contact with him have been asked to trace.

Travelers coming from countries with more than Omicron infected have been asked to keep more strict vigil.
Apart from all this, orders have been issued to close the school of children again in the state where the symptoms of Omicron are being seen more.

Follow these home remedies for Omicron

1. If we want to avoid Omicron or other types of virus, then it is necessary to strengthen the immunity power of our body and to strengthen the immunity power, you have to pay attention to your health.
2. Do physical activity every day, exercise. It is not necessary to exercise only by going to the gym, you can exercise at home too. Because it is safer to stay at home during this pandemic.
3. Eat green vegetables, as well as seasonal fruits.
4. It is cold weather now and in this season morning sunlight is very beneficial for the body, which gives vitamin D to your body and that is also necessary to increase the immunity power of your body, that is why early morning sunlight Bake it
5. If you feel any symptoms of cold, cold, fever or cough, then consult a doctor immediately. After that consume the decoction made at home.
Drink turmeric milk every day even if you have not had a cold.

Eat hot food and healthy food every day, do not eat stale food. Food should be properly cooked.
Along with your health, pay attention to your mental health as well. Because many times stress weakens your mental state, which can also reduce immunity. In such a situation, do meditation every day to keep your mental health right.
Get good sleep every day.
In this way you can stay healthy by adopting these home remedies. At the same time, it can also increase its immunity, which is necessary to destroy any virus.

Can patients die from Omicron?

The Omicron variant is a new variant and its nature is under study. Gradually studies are coming to know about its symptoms, but the risk of death in patients admitted to the hospital infected with this variant is very low. However, more detailed study is still being done to know about its nature.


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