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You will all know about typhoid fever. You all must have heard the name of Typhoid Fever / Typhoid Fever but do you know what Typhoid Fever is, how does this particular type of fever spread?

Let us know that we try through this post. Typhoid fever is spread by a particular type of bacteria. The name of this bacteria is Salmonella. It enters your body through contaminated water and contaminated food.

Salmonella bacteria can survive in contaminated water or food for a long time. As soon as it enters your body, through our digestive system, these bacteria enter our blood and you get fever. Typhoid fever is a serious disease. Treatment takes a little longer.

In modern medicine, typhoid fever is treated through anti-biotic drugs and injections. In case of Typhoid Fever, the patient needs to pay special attention to medication as well as avoiding.

Typhoid Fever / Typhoid Fever ::

Typhoid Fever / Typhoid Fever is also known as Motijhara or term fever in common language. People who do not take special care of cleanliness are mostly caught in this disease. In typhoid fever, the patient has a very high fever.

Fever reduces by taking medicine, fever comes again when the effect of medicine decreases. In this way, typhoid fever bothers the patient for a long period. Mostly it has been observed that typhoid fever spreads more during the rainy season. Because during the rainy season, dirt gets spread more by water and special attention is not given to cleanliness these days.

What are the symptoms that a patient experiences when having typhoid fever:

  1. A very high fever, a high fever with a cold can be symptoms of typhoid fever.
  2. Loss of appetite, sore throat, headache remains, vomiting, along with frequent fever, diarrhea.
  3. Weakness in the body, abdominal pain, stomach heavy all these symptoms come to the patient with fever.

It is not necessary that the patient has typhoid fever due to the above symptoms. These symptoms are also seen in normal or viral fever. Therefore, it is important that blood – feces and urine should be tested in case of symptoms like above. Typhoid fever / Typhoid Fever should be treated only if confirmed.

Home remedies for typhoid fever:

Proper treatment of typhoid fever is very necessary. You can get your treatment by any method of both modern medicine or Ayurveda system. If you take special care of treatment as well as some abstinence, then you will get relief very quickly and you will be healthy soon.

Some effective home remedies can also be used along with your treatment, their use is completely safe and beneficial. First, let us know what the patient should follow in the event of typhoid fever:

  1. Typhoid fever can be transmitted from one person to another, so the first person who gets typhoid should stop it from spreading. Take care, the patient should take special care of cleanliness.
  2. Typhoid fever / Typhoid Fever takes time to recover, so avoid hard work until you are fully recovered. On typhoid, one should rest more and more.
  3. In case of Typhoid Fever, cold-smelling things, cold drinks, ice cream, junk food, spicy food, stale food, rice and gourmet food should not be taken. In typhoid fever, only light and digestible and fresh food should be eaten.

Domestic treatment on typhoid: –

Domestic treatment benefits greatly when you have typhoid fever / Typhoid Fever. Let us know about these domestic medicines:

  1. Basil – Mulethi – Shahdar – Adarak – Long – Lahsun – Seb juice all of these benefit a lot in typhoid fever. Basil extract should be consumed after boiling the basil in water.
  2. Eat more fruits. Orange, grape juice, coconut water, beet, pineapple, carrot and apple juice should be consumed more.
  3. Drinking 2 spoons of cow urine on an empty stomach in the morning in the morning is beneficial.
  4. Consuming Ayurvedic decoction that boosts green tea and the immune system is beneficial.
  5. Consuming ashwagandha powder or tablet regularly provides benefits in all types of fever.
  6. Consuming Giloy extract gives 100% relief in all types of fever. (Benefits of Giloy)
  7. Some Ayurvedic medicines like: Brahmi Vati, Sanjeevani Vati, Antipyretic decoction, Sudarshan Ghan Vati. These are some of the popular medicines which are beneficial in Typhoid fever / Fever. The amount of their intake should be decided only by the advice of the physician.

If you have fever / fever for 4 or 5 days, then it is important to check for typhoid, malaria, dengue fever. It is wise to treat on the basis of investigation. Typhoid Fever Gharelu Upchar can last for many days. Therefore, after the curing of typhoid fever, the patient may feel physically weak. After complete recovery, physical strength can be regained by consuming Vasant Kusumakar Ras or multivitamin and Ashwagandha tablets for a few days.

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