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Men Sex problems - Sexual Weakness and Low Libido, Nightfall

Do you know a sexual dysfunction is one of the difficult to things discuss in public? Yes, most of the men do have problem but they feel shy to discuss with the doctors it is a common situation during which men finds that their sexual response cycle prevents them from performing sexual activity. Sexual response cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. This eventually gets disturbed due to any sexual dysfunction in our body.

Most of the cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, so it is important that you share your concern with the doctors and the partner eventually. But if you are looking for something natural to avoid the harmful effects of the modern allopathic medicines then you need to consult an Ayurvedic physician.

At Parivartan Ayurveda, we are always looking for inevitable ways to help you fight back the male sexual diseases in an effective manner.

What Cause These Problems?

Physical - There are some physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, hormonal imbalances, menopause, and chronic diseases such as kidney disease or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse

Psychological – Some work-related stress and anxiety might slow down your sexual performance.

Sexual Problems Treated at Parivartan Ayurveda - Sexual Weakness and Lower Libido

It is a problem which cause reduce in desire for sex. It is experienced people of different age groups. It becomes a problem for a man when he cannot longer satisfy the sexual needs of his partner. The cause of lower libido is many such as physical and emotional issues that make couples suffer from inactive sexual life. Low sexual desire in older men is a reason of cause due to a low level of the hormone androgen.

So to treat your hormonal deficiency you can switch to the herbal treatment plans available at Parivartan Ayurveda. However, we do not ask the patients to resort to hormonal deficiency injections as it might have side effects, so we stick to a strict diet plan, and herbal remedy and yoga therapy to cure the lower libido disorder in men.


Nightfall or wet dream is the problem of automatic ejaculation of semen when the person is asleep. It is horrific in some men and though in medical terms it is said to be normal and does not insist any kind of treatment. However, in alternative treatment this is treated as a disease. Ayurveda says that a person having more than two or three nightfall in a month must undergo a treatment plan and have a remedy effectively.

A person who is suffering nightfall for a long period then you can easily recognize him. At Parivartan Ayurveda, we make people cautious about the diseases and ask them to undergo our immediate treatment plans. Since longer ignorance of this disease might lead to weak erection problem. We can completely cure nightfall using Ayurvedic medicines, beside this- medicines we prepare is 100% safe and effective.

To know more about Parivartan Ayurveda male sexual discovered programs give us a call at our helpline number and book an appointment.