जीवन परिवर्तन आयुर्वेदा


Skin is the most important seat of our sense organs. You feel the sensation of touch, temperature, pain and pressure by it. As skin is the mirror that reflects the qualities, so it is a common belief that a slowing skin is always a sense of attraction over others.

No amount of bleaching or facial massages can bring up that glow in your skin for which you have been craving. Application of make-up through dexterity of a skilled beautician can hide the shallow look of your face. However, as soon as you remove the make up the unhealthy skin is out. If you had a healthy skin, you might not have needed that makeup all over and get affected with some irritating skins diseases.

Which Are the Skin Issues Addressed By Ayurveda?

When we talk of taking care of skin in the natural way, we look for Ayurvedic treatments. However, most of us look for parlous based treatments that make our skin degraded. They choose it to save time and get an instant glow. However, Ayurvedic treatment is not something instant, but it is all about permanent solution to fight an unhealthy skin.

At Parivartan Ayurveda, we have been handling the three main type of skin care stress that has great impacts

  • Mental stress that end up drying out the moisture of your skin. It dries up the nutritive value of the skin. We make sure that the micro channels that have dried up start carrying nutritive fluid to the skin to avoid wrinkles and stress lines.
  • Emotional stress turns your face red. If your emotional stress becomes chronic, it can cause diseases like acne, sun sensitivity, and other Pitta-based problems. We help you combat that.
  • Physical stresses as if too much of exercises or straining the body for most time can cause rough skin. We help control your habits to give you a healthier skin.

What Type of Skincare Rejuvenation Our Programs Assure?

Through our skincare rejuvenation, you will be able to gain

  • Ideal skins that is soft, oily, thin, smooth and lustrous
  • You will start having soft, thin, scanty, oily, black and deep-rooted hair
  • You will start growing eyebrows and eye lashes all black in color
  • Gain good eyesight
  • Mouth, Lips, Palate and Tongue will regain the oiliness
  • Your wounds will start healing quickly
  • We will make you learn the mantra to lead a happy life

Why Choose Us?

At Parivartan Ayurveda, we have scientific approach to combat all type of skincare problems. From taking care of your sluggish liver functions to dealing with toxins, we do it all. We will provide you with two effective treatments on board - Shodhana & Shamana.

If you do not know what should be the effective treatment for your current skin then pick up your phone and seek an appointment with our expert. They will share you the details on how to manage your skincare issues with us and gain a permanent solution.