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  1. All products must be accurately described and priced, with all relevant information provided to the customer.
  2. All orders are processed within a provided time frame and delivered in accordance with the customer’s instructions. Sometimes delivery time are not fix because its depend on the delivery partners.
  3. Personal information and payment details provided by the customer must be handled in compliance with all relevant data protection laws.
  4. All customers must be provided with a clear returns and refund policy.
  5. All products must be of satisfactory quality and fit for their intended purpose.
  6. All customers must be treated fairly and in accordance with all applicable laws.
  7. All products and services must be provided in accordance with standards.
  8. All fees, taxes, and other charges must be clearly stated and included in the price of the product or service.
  9. Any claims or complaints must be dealt with in a time limit and professional manner.
  10. Disclaimers must be clearly stated and honored.
  11. Intake of any medicine without the prescription of a qualified ayurvedic doctor is dangerous. Ayurveda medicine is time tested and is not universal (All medicine do not suit everyone). The effects of the medicines may vary from person to person
  12. All the Customers must agree to the website privacy policy.
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