Bakayan Ke Fayde| Benefits and Uses of Bakayan

Friends, there are many such trees and plants around us, which have many medicinal properties, such as neem. There is another plant of the Neem family which we also call Mahanimb or Bakayana, which will be talked about today.

The fruits of Mahanimb are called Bakayana. A lot of nutritious elements and medicinal properties are found in bacayan. That’s why it is used a lot in Ayurveda.

Bakayana can be called differently in all languages, but the main ones call it as Bakayana. Just as neem has small berry-sized tablets, similarly, berry-shaped kernels like fruits grow in the bacayan tree. You can also use them by drying them or making a decoction of it. Buckwheat is mainly used in piles and knee pain etc.

Where is the bacayan tree found?

Bacayan trees are found in the Himalayas, in addition to Himachal Kashmir, in South India as well. Apart from India, it is also found in China, Balochistan etc.

Benefits of bailing. Bakayaan Benefits

  1. Beneficial in Arthritis

If you are troubled by arthritis, then buckwheat can be very beneficial. Grinding buckwheat seeds in mustard oil and applying it in arthritis provides relief from arthritis.

  1. Beneficial for dog bites

If a dog bites you, then its poison does not spread on the dog’s bite, then in such a situation it is considered very beneficial. The poison of the dog does not spread by drinking the juice of buckwheat root.

  1. Beneficial in piles

Buckwheat is mainly used in the medicines of piles. You can also use it like this. Piles is also called Arsh, then grinding dried seeds of buckwheat and taking 2 grams with buttermilk or lassi in the morning provides relief in piles. Grinding the seeds of buckwheat with fennel also gives great relief in piles and stops bleeding.

  1. Beneficial in dreaming

If you have the problem of dreaming, then grind the kernels of buckwheat seeds with rice water and mix 10 grams of ghee in it and consume it. With this, your old dreams can be removed.

  1. Beneficial for Mouth Ulcers

Nowadays many people are facing the problem of mouth ulcers, so if you also have such a problem, then you can take 10-10 grams of buckwheat bark and white catechu in equal quantity and make a powder and apply it, mouth ulcers are cured.

  1. Beneficial in inflammation

If you get swelling after an injury, even then it can be taken advantage of bacayan leaves. Grind it and tie it on the swollen area, it ends the swelling.

  1. Beneficial in sciatica

If you have sciatica, in which you have to suffer a lot of pain, then grinding 10 grams bark of buckwheat root in water in the morning and evening after filtering and drinking it provides relief in a month.

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