7 ways to increase height How to increase Height

According to the data available on the Internet, the average height of men in India is 5 ft 5 in and 5 ft. In women. Well, whatever the figures say, everyone wants that his height is good and if the height does not increase in time, then it is natural for him to get a little upset. To reduce some of this problem, today we are with you.

How to increase height in 7 ways to increase height

Height plays an important role in improving personality, and people who have less height want to increase their height slightly. A decrease in height is also seen in loss of confidence. Good height is required in services like police, modeling and military. Many times it is believed that the length can only increase till a certain age or the height of the children will be according to the height of the parents, but if balanced and nutritious diet, regular practice of exercise and yoga and correct habits are adopted in the lifestyle. So we can achieve the maximum possible height.

How To Increase Height
  1. Improve diet and diet for increasing height
    Balanced and nutritious food is very important for the correct growth and length of the body. Follow these dietary rules to increase the length –

a) Take rich protein

To increase the length, it is necessary to take food rich in protein. Protein is found in plenty in meat, fish, soybeans, peanuts, pulses etc.

b) Mineral salts are necessary

Regular intake of mineral salts like calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium is necessary to increase height. Mineral salts are found in plenty in green vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, yogurt, buttermilk etc.

c) Take plenty of vitamins

It is very important to have a balanced amount of vitamins A, B, C, D and other vitamins in the diet for proper growth and good height of the body. For this, take regular intake of milk, curd, sprouted grains, fruits, vegetables etc.

d) Don’t go hungry – Being hungry or missing your meal time negatively affects the growth of the body. Divide the whole day’s diet in 5-6 times. This improves the metabolism of the body. There is no accumulation of fat on the body and the chances of increasing the length increase.

2.Exercise for increasing height

a) Get used to regular exercise and excursion

Walking and exercising regularly 15–20 minutes in the morning and exercising proves useful in preventing many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol. It is also beneficial in increasing the growth and height of the body. (Read: How to get up early in the morning)

b) jump rope

Jumping rope not only controls weight. Rather, it is also considered a very useful exercise to increase height. The muscles of the feet, waist and back become strong. There is a spasm in the spinal cord which helps in increasing the length.

c) Size of hanging

For this, iron pipe or wooden stick is tied about 7 feet above the ground. You can also put a thick tree tree or use any hanging part in the house. Regular exercise of hanging leads to good exercise of reed bone, abdomen, chest and foot muscles. This is a very useful exercise to increase height. It should be practiced regularly.

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d) Run

Running is a great exercise for the whole body. This keeps the weight under control. The bones and flesh muscles of the feet, waist and reeds become strong. Bones develop. Which helps in increasing the body length.

e) Go swimming

Swimming is not only a means of recreation, but also an excellent exercise for the whole body. This increases blood circulation throughout the body. Stretching occurs in the muscles of the entire body. Stress levels are low. Hunger increases, eaten and drunk properly digested. Swimming helps in increasing the length.

Do yoga to increase height

a) Tadasana

Tadasana is considered an important posture for increasing height. In this posture, the weight of the entire body is put on the paws of the feet by lifting the eddy while standing up and palms folded. Regular exercise of Tadasana exercises the entire body and pulls the muscles of the spine, chest and shoulders. The muscles of the feet are strong. It helps in increasing the length.

b) Bhujangasana

In this posture, lying on the abdomen, the front part of the waist is raised upwards. It is a useful asana to increase exercise and height of waist and reed bone. (Watch video)

c) Paschimontanasan

Regular exercise of Paschimontanasana also proves very useful for increasing the body length. In this posture, sitting on the ground, bending forward and bending the toe of the hand is caught. It is very useful asana for the muscles of the waist and back. This causes reed bone to stretch. It helps in increasing the length. (Watch video)

d) Surya Namaskar

The whole body gets the benefit of Surya Namaskar. This is a simple and useful posture. The body gets vitamin D from Surya Namaskar which is very important for the growth of bones, which helps in increasing the length, strengthening the joints, muscles and nerves of the body.
These yogasanas can be learned from any yoga instructor.

Ayurvedic Ways and Tips for Increasing Height

a) Exercise (a kind of massage to increase height)

Abhyang i.e. whole body massage is very useful for the health of the whole body. For this, the whole body is massaged with bala oil, almond oil etc. made from herbs while sitting in the sunlight of morning sun. Vitamin D is obtained from the rays of the sun and blood circulation is increased throughout the body through the exercise. Muscles become strong and strong. The skin becomes balsamic and shiny. Bones develop. Which not only improves health, it also helps in increasing the length.

b) adopt Ayurvedic food and lifestyle

The main reason for increasing the length is the Human growth hormone located in our body, which is produced in the anterior part of Pituitary Gland. The length of each person in us is predetermined, but due to not being able to make a complete effort, we are not able to achieve our predetermined height. According to the nature, dosha, metals etc. of every person, diet and lifestyle are determined according to the body, which proves to be useful in improving the health of the entire body, protecting from diseases and increasing height.

c) Ayurvedic herbs useful in increasing the length

Asagandh: Take 5 grams of ashgandh powder in equal quantity by mixing it with milk in the morning or in the morning, in non-aromatic alkali powder method, in which 250 grams of milk and 250 grams of water are taken and cooked by adding 5-10 grams of this powder. When water is burnt and the remaining milk is taken, it is mixed with sweet water.
Amla: Amla can be consumed in the form of candy or juice. Mineral salts like vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus etc. are found in amla. Which are useful in increasing the growth and height of the body.
Similarly, other herbs like asparagus, bala, guduchi, bone, chain, laksha etc. are beneficial to increase the growth and length of the body when taken under the care of Ayurveda doctor.

d) Chemotherapy of Ayurveda

The chemotherapy described in Ayurveda has always been famous for long age, health, intelligence and proper growth of the body. Consuming them under the supervision of an experienced Ayurveda doctor gives the best benefit.

  1. Get enough sleep
    During sleep, the new tissues of the body are repaired and repaired. Deep sleep stimulates the process of producing human growth hormone. It is very important to increase the hormone height. Deep sleep lowers stress levels. Which helps in the development of the body.
  2. Increase immunity power
    Due to the lack of immunity power, children and elders often fall ill, which stops the growth of the body. By which we are not able to achieve our prescribed height. For this, vaccination is necessary since childhood and with the right diet and lifestyle, the chemicals mentioned in Ayurveda prove beneficial in increasing the immunity of the body.
  3. Don’t get drugged
    Consumption of alcohol, smoking, tobacco, etc. is very dangerous for health, because of their consumption, the formation of human growth hormone is hindered, which slows the speed of increasing the length, so do not consume any kind of intoxication.

Friends, by adopting these measures, you can definitely increase your height to your maximum potential.

Just be patient while adopting these measures. Many times it happens that for some time your height does not increase at all and then suddenly you get a lot of growth in 1 year. And also keep in mind that after all the efforts you will be satisfied with the height you are able to achieve because it is not the length of your body that determines the height of your success!

With hard work and dedication, any person of any stature can achieve the greatest success, and this is what really matters!

Thank you!

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