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There are many medicines available in the market in homeopathy like Sulfuric Acid, Sterculia Acuminata, Nux Vomica, Avena Sativa, Asarum Europium to get rid of addiction. But for the consumption of these medicines, it is necessary to consult a homeopathic doctor and at the same time it is necessary to have strong will power to quit the addiction.

list of homeopathic medicines

1 – Sulfuric acid or acid sulf

Sulfuric acid is used for the treatment of debility and fatigue related discomfort, it relieves physical fatigue and helps to restore the body’s natural strength. Sulfuric acid especially helps to stop alcohol addiction and reduce the damage caused to the body due to alcohol. We are telling you the use of medicine –

For weaning off – three parts of Acid Sulf.Q mixed with one part alcohol, give ten-fifteen drops three times daily to the patient or one dram (sixteenth part of an ounce) of alcohol mixed with three-five drops of Sterculia-Q daily Give it three times.

To get rid of alcohol addiction—Sulfuric acid-30 twice a day, for two weeks. If this fails, give two doses of Selenium-30 i.e. morning and evening.

To get rid of alcohol addiction – Mix one part sulfuric acid-Q and three parts alcohol and give it thrice a day for 3-4 weeks.

To suppress the urge to drink – Mix one part of sulfuric acid with three parts of alcohol and give ten-fifteen drops thrice a day for three to four weeks or one dose of sulfuric acid-200 in a week.

2 – Sterculia acuminata – This homeopathic medicine treats extreme weakness in the body like decreased heart rate, this medicine increases appetite and helps in digestion. Sterculia acuminata makes the mouth taste like it hates the smell of wine and reduces its desire. Take 5-10 drops in the extract morning and night with half a cup of water.

3 – Avena Sativa – If there is mental and sexual weakness due to addiction. If you find it difficult to live even a moment without alcohol, if sleep disappears completely, then you take 10 to 20 drops of Avena sativa root extract with a little succulent water morning and night.

4 – Curicus Gladium Spiritus – This medicine cuts the fear, bad effect caused by alcohol. Creates hatred towards alcohol because whenever someone takes alcohol after taking this medicine, then he feels like vomiting or may vomit, so he starts quitting alcohol out of fear. Take this medicine by taking 10 drops of the root extract with a spoonful of water, four times a day.

5 – Nux Vomica – This medicine is very beneficial for those people who take excessive alcohol, are thin, irritable, cannot tolerate even the slightest noise, light and fragrance. If you feel like vomiting in the morning or after eating food, there is a lot of loss of appetite and always feel the need of alcohol, then take Nux Vomica every night at night. It will bring a lot of benefit and will correct all the evils created by alcohol.

6 – Capsicum – Drug addict patients, who are of fat body, do not want to do physical work at all and prefer to stay in home alone even do not want to take bath, have the habit of being dirty, on keeping both hands straight Be trembling (delerium tremor). Then take Capsicum medicine every morning and night.

Homeopathic medicines for drug addiction side effects and disorders ::

  1. If the patient of alcohol has anger or irritability – If the patient of alcohol remains angry, if there is trouble due to alcohol consumption and fear, then give Opium-30, thrice a day.
  2. Disorders resulting from drinking cognac – One weekly dose of Sulfuric Acid-200.
  3. Body tremors, weakness and fatigue due to alcohol addiction – Sulfuric acid-30 thrice a day.
  4. Side effect caused by alcohol – Cocculus indicus-30 thrice a day.
  5. In case of strong urge to drink alcohol – Asarum europium-30 thrice a day.
  6. Deterioration of health by drinking alcohol, weakness – Eupatorium perf-30 thrice a day.
  7. Side effects of alcohol, such as headache, irregular hiccups, sadness, loss of memory, and mania or confusion – Renaculus B-Q three times a day, ten to thirty drops each time.
  8. If he is intoxicated too much – If the alcoholic drinks so much alcohol that he cannot even walk, then to reduce the intoxication immediately, give Capsicum-Q or 3X, mixed with water and give it very quickly.
  9. Side effects of alcohol, nausea and vomiting – black bichromium-30, thrice a day.

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