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Period Pain:: Those days of the month cause mental stress and physical fatigue for every girl. While these specific days cause trouble for girls, it should also be remembered that menstruation is a natural process and due to this natural process, the body of women is free from impurities and various types of diseases.

The cycle of menstruation, being regular, frequent and in the right way, is necessary for the health of the woman. Some women experience unbearable pain during menstruation which makes it difficult for them to carry out their daily responsibilities on certain days of the month and their condition becomes ill.

Types of Menstrual Pain

There are two types of cramps/pain during periods:

Massive menstrual cramps of blood.

This pain occurs in the organs around the uterus in married women. The pain starts three to four days before menstruation and gets better with the onset of menstruation.

Women who work less, they feel more pain.

Menstrual pain due to muscle contraction

This pain is more in virgin girls. This pain lasts till motherhood. This pain also includes nausea, tremors and vomiting.

Remember that extreme pain during menstruation can sometimes be a sign of a specific problem (anemia, shortening of the uterus, inability for all parts of the reproductive organs to function properly, hormonal imbalance, nerve weakness, sodium, potassium imbalance and nutrient balance in the diet)

Women who have pain from the beginning during periods, they should avoid taking painkiller every time.

But the woman who did not have pain earlier, but now the pain is increasing in the period, then she should consult a qualified gynecologist before using tricks and medicines.

Symptoms of period pain

Apart from pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation, there are other symptoms which are experienced at this time such as –

lower back pain
pain in legs
irritability weakness
Fainting, but this happens in very few circumstances.

why stomach ache after period

Women experience unbearable pain during periods. During periods, women may also have pain in the waist, abdomen and private part. The reason for this is the negligence of women during periods.

1- Usually women use aromatic scented pads during periods. Some chemicals are also used in aromatic pads. If used for a long time, women have problems like abdominal pain and itching in the private part.

2- Due to lack of nutrients like iron and calcium in the body, there is also pain in the stomach during periods. Because during periods, many minerals and essential elements from the body get out of the body. Due to which weakness is felt in the body and it is common to have pain in the stomach.

3- If you consume tea or coffee during periods, then it also increases pain in the stomach. Because tea and coffee cause water loss in the body, due to which cramps or twists in the body can also cause stomach pain.

4- If you also take painkiller due to abdominal pain in periods like other women. So let us tell you that eating more painkiller weakens the body’s immune system, it has a harmful effect on your health. Due to which many diseases can also happen and you increase the risk of urine infection.

Remedies for Stomach Pain in Period – Menstrual Cycle Pain home remedies

Supplements for period pain relief

Women who have to bear a lot of pain during menstruation, they should take calcium and magnesium regularly. These are nutrients that relax the muscles of the lower abdomen.

Menstrual cramps can be reduced by ensuring the use of supplements of 1 gram of calcium and 0.5 gram of magnesium. ,

The woman who complains of diarrhea after the use of calcium supplements should use calcium supplements instead of calcium carbonate.

Use warm water (home remedies for abdominal pain in period)

Virgin girls and women who complain of severe menstrual pain should permanently abstain from using very cold water.

The use of cold food and cold water creates blockage in the blood flow, which increases the pain.

Those women who have pain due to lack or too many periods, they should stop using junk food, cold food and cold water.

Drinking plain or lukewarm water to drink and bathing with hot water reduces the pain in stomach and waist. Apart from this, compressing with warm cloth also reduces the pain of periods.

Massage for stomach pain in periods

Massaging the lower abdomen with light warm oil (lavender or olive oil) in a circular motion with both hands during menstruation gives relief from pain and also relieves leg cramps.

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