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Sesame is a type of herbaceous plant, from whose seeds many types of Ayurvedic pressing and oil are prepared, they are very small in size. Usually sesame is in many colors, but white and black sesame are the most used, its oil is used in many types of cosmetics.

Sesame seed is considered to be one of the oldest seeds in the world. It is not only used in pressing and cosmetic, but it can also be used in many home remedies for tarak. Sesame is a special type of antioxidant found in sesame, which is capable of preventing cancer, and also prevents leukemia, prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer.

Benefits of eating sesame

Some people like to eat sesame in the form of salad, even sesame is used in all the traditional dishes called Puja Pat or Say. Sesame oil has as many benefits as there are in sesame seeds. Mono-saturated fatty acids are found in it, which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol present in the body, sesame is also very beneficial in getting rid of all the diseases related to the heart.

Not only this, by using sesame, you can get rid of many such problems like stress, skin related problem, bone problem etc. which we will know later. In our today’s article, know about the benefits of sesame, the benefits of sesame oil, the use of sesame and the harm caused by sesame.

Benefits of sesame

Sesame seeds contain many natural minerals and oils which are very beneficial for the body. It is a very good source of Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Protein Thiamine etc. Let us now know about its benefits.

Benefits of sesame in diabetes

Magnesium is found in abundance in sesame seeds, it reduces diabetes. It normalizes the level of glucose and insulin in the body. Due to which diabetes can also be prevented from occurring.

Benefits of eating sesame in strengthening bones

Sesame seeds contain phosphorus, zinc and calcium minerals, which are very important for strong bones. These minerals help in making bones strong.

Properties of sesame to reduce inflammation

Copper is present in sesame seeds, it strengthens muscles as well as reduces inflammation of muscles, not only this element also keeps blood flow normal. Which is very important in keeping the blood circulation in the body right.

Benefits of eating sesame to increase digestion power

A lot of fiber is found in sesame seeds. This fiber is very important to strengthen and ease the digestion process in the stomach. Due to the abundance of fiber, it is also able to deal with problems like constipation.

Medicinal properties of sesame in the prevention of cancer

Sesame seeds contain essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This nutrient prevents the risk of cancer. Apart from this, sesame seeds prove to be very effective in reducing the problems of heart diseases, premature aging.

Benefits of sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds are rich in iron, as well as a compound called sesamol is present in it. If people suffering from anemia consume it, then it benefits a lot. This yogic also protects the body from the effects of various radiations.

Advantages of Black sesame

Black sesame plays a good role in controlling and keeping blood pressure normal. It has been said in a research that people suffering from high blood pressure get good benefits if they consume black sesame regularly. Because of the antioxidant effect present in it, people’s blood pressure has improved significantly.

Black sesame is also very helpful in preventing problems like cancer, the lignan compound present in black sesame has anti-cancer properties. It even prevents cancer cells from growing. Research has also found that black sesame also protects against prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer.

Black sesame can be used to increase immunity. According to published and medical research in this regard, the copper present in black sesame acts as an antioxidant.

Benefits of white sesame

Like black sesame, the benefits of white sesame are also numerous and the benefits of both are almost the same.

Regular consumption of sesame seeds is considered very beneficial to keep hair strong, long and thick.

Sesame seeds are beneficial in maintaining the right amount of blood in the body.

Like black sesame, some such mineral elements are found in white sesame which helps in reducing stress and depression.

Amino acids are also found in this sesame which is very important for the development of bones, and it also strengthens the muscles.

Benefits of sesame oil

According to experts, the properties of serotonin and amino acids are found in sesame oil. It helps in maintaining a good mood in us.

Properties of sesame oil for skin: Sesame oil is rich in zinc, which is very important for the skin. This oil helps us to make the skin soft and beautiful. At the same time, it also prevents premature aging. You can also use sesame oil as a sunscreen.

Benefits of Sesame Oil Massage: According to Ayurvedic, sesame oil massage is very good for the body. Due to this the skin also blooms and the bones are also strong.

Some other benefits of sesame and sesame oil

Benefits of black til for hair: Pollution spoils the condition of your hair. The result is more premature hair fall, graying of hair, dandruff and baldness. People try many ways to save hair from pollution, which sometimes does not prove to be effective. In such a situation, sesame oil can be of great use to you. If you use sesame oil in your hair, then you can get rid of all these problems. Or you can use sesame oil mixed with the same oil you use.

Benefits of black sesame laddus: In winter, some people eat laddus by mixing sesame seeds with jaggery. But along with the taste, it also has many benefits. Whether sesame is white or black, both are very beneficial for the body. Because it contains an antioxidant called sesamin, which helps in keeping the defense system of our body strong.

Benefits of dry ginger and black sesame: Taking 2 grams black pepper, 2 grams dry ginger, 2 grams peepal powder in 100 ml sesame decoction thrice a day provides relief in the problems of girls in those days.

Benefits of applying sesame oil on the face: Applying sesame oil on the face does not cause blemishes and wrinkles, as well as it helps in increasing the beauty of the skin. (Readers must keep in mind that sesame or sesame oil apples are not a cure for cancer or any disease. If you are suffering from any disease, then definitely consult a doctor).

Side Effects of Sesame Seeds

Consuming sesame seeds in large quantities can also cause allergic reactions in some people.
You can also get diarrhea due to excessive consumption of sesame. Consume it in small quantity only.
Sesame seeds are as beneficial for your skin as they can be harmful. Its excessive consumption can also cause itching.
Due to the abundance of protein in its seeds, its excessive use can increase your weight, if you want to balance your weight, then consume it at least.

Some people use sesame oil to prevent hair from falling, but excessive use can have its opposite effect, even you can become a victim of baldness.
It is good if women do not consume it during pregnancy because it can also lead to miscarriage.

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