Do not eat peanuts in winter, can be harmful to health

Know what is the harm to health by eating more peanuts in winter.

As soon as winter comes, the most thing you see everywhere in the market is peanuts. Everyone loves hot peanuts. Many people like hot peanuts so much that once sitting, all the peanuts kept in front are clean.

If you also eat peanuts too much in winter, then this news is only for you. The excess of anything starts to affect health after a time. Similarly, if you are consuming too much peanuts in winter then be careful. Know what is the harm to health by eating more peanuts in winter.

May be harmful for liver

Excessive consumption of peanuts can be harmful for health. This increases the amount of Aflatoxin in the body. Which is harmful for health. So if you are eating peanuts in winter, then eat within the limit. Peanut will be beneficial for health only by eating in the limit.

Omega 3 will reduce fatty acids

Excess peanut reduces the omega 3 fatty acids in the body. As such, peanuts are rich in omega 6 fatty acids. Which is beneficial for health. But when omega 6 fatty acid is present in excess in the body then the amount of omega fatty acid 3 decreases. So avoid overeating peanuts.

May cause allergic reactions

Many people are also at risk of allergic reactions due to excessive consumption of peanuts. Even the skin of many people can be damaged. Due to this, there can also be openness in the body, swelling on the face and difficulty in breathing.

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