How should we clean the private part after urinating?

Friend does not want to talk about such topics, but you have chosen a very good question which will prove to be very beneficial for health. We do not take time out for our self in our run-of-the-mill routine, in such a way our body does not pay attention to us and we do not pay attention until a serious problem comes before us.

One should always look after the genitals because these are more sensitive organs and if you have any kind of ringworm, itching, allergies and itching etc. then you may have to face a lot of trouble and about this problem. It is uncomfortable to talk to the doctor or to any person.

Now let’s talk about looking after them or cleaning them, then you should take special care of such sensitive organs, if you are a woman then you need to pay more attention because in those days you have to go through a lot of pain and suffering.

In such a situation, you carry pads etc. with you and if possible, wash your genitals with fresh water, this reduces the risk of infection. If it is winter season, it will not be possible to wash, so for such a time, you can use tissue paper or even the already existing wash in the market.

Now let’s talk about men, so what can I say to men about brothers? Men often clean their private parts while taking a bath, so if you do not, then be careful not to clean the private parts of your private place. To avoid problems like ringworm, scabies, allergies and itching etc., to clean it from time to time, as well as possible, while cleansing the skin of your penis while bathing, it should be thoroughly cleaned with a water razor. Do it

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