Should girls keep these things in mind to avoid getting fat after marriage?

Every girl takes a number of measures to reduce their weight before marriage, but after getting married, the weight of girls starts increasing. After marriage, both lifestyle and body changes are responsible. Lets know what are the reasons for weight gain and how to avoid it: –

After marriage, girls like to eat outdoors after being with their husbands. After marriage, he goes out for a walk and wherever he goes, he eats outside food. Due to changes in diet, there is a deficiency of calcium and vitamins in the body. Due to lack of energy, one wants to eat again and again, which causes weight gain.

Many emotional and hormonal changes also occur in girls after entering the married life. To make marriage happy, being active in sexual life is also responsible for weight gain.

After marriage, the girls prepare routines according to their husbands and other family members. And for this reason, they do not get time for themselves and because of this, they start gaining weight.

After marriage, the girls cook a variety of dishes daily to please their spouse and the rest of the household members, which increases the weight by eating as usual.

After marriage, the pressure to get a partner reduces. This is also a big reason for weight gain, because girls are ready for change and they also have an excuse that I am married now.

Many times girls do not get enough sleep after marriage and this is the biggest reason for weight gain.

When the girl stays single before marriage, some extra work is done, but after marriage, the body also becomes lazy.

There is a lot of change in the life of a girl after marriage. The girl bears many responsibilities which increases the stress. Increased stress leads to increased appetite and weight gain.

Shortly after marriage, couples think about family planning. After pregnancy, the weight of girls increases and later girls are not able to pay so much attention to their body.

To avoid obesity after marriage, these things should be kept in mind that: –

Eating and drinking patterns should change. Avoid overeating. Fold your diet according to your routine and your body.

Try to stay away from eating outside.

Spending quality time with each other can be avoided by stress, which does not increase obesity.

7–8 hours of sleep should be taken in 24 hours.

Meditation should be done early in the morning, it also keeps weight under control. Do light exercises and yoga.

Try to do as much physical work at home as possible.

Apart from this, due to which obesity increases, take full care of those things.

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