How to get tremendous masculine strength after age 40?

Ayurveda states that by rationalization, a person can become capable like a horse till the age of 100. Now first of all, know what is rationalization. Due to the current food, diet and diet, the person is soon getting old.

Nowadays, except 40, a lot of people are affected by the lack of masculine strength above the age of 30. Reason is improper diet – Vihara and wrong behavior.

Reduction in sexual desire, lack of time in cohabitation, dreaming and impotence etc. are such diseases which should be treated with Ayurveda system of medicine.

Vajikaran is a chapter in Ayurveda that aims to preserve the masculine strength of men for a long time with Ayurvedic medicines and juice chemicals.

Vajikaran drugs must be consumed in winter so that the person is full of energy and sexual power throughout the year.

You must have heard that even in the winter season, Gokru ladoos, guarpathe ladoos, gum ladoos and various types of nutritious ladoos or pakas are consumed throughout the winter season. All of these come in nutritious and strong food which give us inner strength throughout the year.

Their main ingredient is ghee. And according to Ayurveda, Ghee is the most validated liquid. Therefore, if you want to maintain your masculine strength even after the age of 40, then you should consume these laddus this winter.

Method of making strong ladoos for masculine strength

First, bring these ingredients to the grocer –

. White musli 500 gms
. Black musli 500 gms
. Gokhru – 50 grams
. Ashwagandha – 50 grams
. Yellow asparagus – 50 grams
Pure Conch Seed Drops – 50 grams
. Talakhana – 50 grams
. Rapidity – 50 grams
.Geafal – 20 grams
Javitri – 20 grams
. Almond – 100 grams
. Pistachio – 100 grams
. Chirunji drops – 100 grams


Prepare the dressing of both the Muslims. Now put this powder in cow’s milk and cook it on a low flame. When the milk boils well, turn the flame on high and keep stirring vigorously so that it does not stick. When the khoya is ready, remove it from the heat and cool it.

Now roast this khoya in ghee. When the khoya gets roasted well, put the prepared chasani in it and pour the powder of all the remaining liquids (from the bunion to the mace) and cool it down.

Now by adding almonds, pistachios and chiroji as a projection. Make the ladoos.

The intake

Eat 1 laddus daily with cow’s milk. The whole year will be full of vigor and masculine strength. We will never feel any weakness.

If you cannot consume laddus etc., in Ayurveda medicine various medicines are manufactured by various pharmacies. You can consume them in consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor. Information about some reliable validation drugs is given below.

  1. Dhootpapeshwar Shilapravang Special
  2. Swadeshi Kamasudha Yoga – rationalization medicine
  3. Malt and capsule
  4. Conch Baking
  5. Ashwagandhadi avaleh


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