What are the disadvantages of drinking hot water?

By the way, hot or lukewarm water is said to be good for health. Most people consume warm or lukewarm water to lose weight and to keep their metabolic rate right. But hot or lukewarm water can also be harmful to health, especially for those who drink hot water very quickly throughout the day, it can be very harmful for them.

Most of us know that drinking lukewarm or warm water instead of cold water is good for health but it is not right. If after waking up in the morning, once lukewarm water means that lukewarm water is drunk then it is beneficial for health. But if lukewarm water is drunk again and again throughout the day, it causes great harm to health.

As it is known, drinking hot or lukewarm water is good for health because it causes the toxins present in the body to come out of the body. 50 to 70% of our body consists of water.

To remove toxin from the body, it is advisable to drink more water, otherwise toxins start damaging the body, but drinking too much water can be dangerous for health.

Apart from this, people who drink water frequently without thirst, keeping in mind that drinking water is beneficial for health, then doing so, the balance of water in their body is disturbed. The quicker the cold water calms the thirst, the hotter water does not so quickly. Therefore, one should drink hot water but once a day.

Disadvantages of drinking hot water

Harmful to the Kidney – The special capillary system present in the kidneys removes excess water and toxins from the body, but research has shown that drinking more hot water puts more pressure on the kidneys because of its ability to function. Is affected. Hot water causes dehydration in a way and doctors do not consider it to be good for kidney health. That is why one should drink hot water but not hot or lukewarm water throughout the day.

Sleeplessness – People who drink too much hot water throughout the day may have a problem of not getting sleep properly. In such a situation, no matter how hard you try, you cannot sleep. Therefore, drinking hot water at night should be avoided, because drinking hot water causes frequent urination and this interferes with sleep.

Blistering – As we know, the upper skin of our body and the tissue below it are much harder than the inner skin of the body and have the ability to withstand cold or heat. But the internal organs are much more sensitive, in this case, drinking hot water more frequently can cause ulcers in the internal organs. First of all, there may be blisters in the lips, mouth and the inner part of the throat. So do not drink so much hot water that it cannot be swallowed immediately.

Disinfecting – It is often said that germs and cantaminites are destroyed by hot water, but this is true only when the water is boiled and drunk completely. But when the water is drunk only by heating, then the bacteria present in it do not die. Therefore, water should be cleaned and drunk or boiled and cooled.

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